Responsibility……..we are teaching them young!

We have two girls, we also have two boys. But they are big enough and (as they say) stupid enough to take care of themselves. But, our two girls……..dear oh dear oh dear!

Both my partner and I are avid believers that you create your own life, your own circumstances. We teach our girls that things have a place, and then you will find them every time you want what you have put down. We tell them to put money away, homework away, and now ITS MAKE UP!!! But shoes, shoes are my biggest bug bear. I wear glasses so my vision isn’t always the best. So tripping over shoes and sending myself flying across the living room or hallway, well let’s just say it isn’t on the list of the things I want to happen during the day.

I either tell our girls to put their shoes away or I do it! And when I do it, they get placed but maybe not in a delicate way. I put them in the porch out of the way. My daughter said to me last night ” dad can you bring my trainers round and my prom shoes please” she lives with her mum as we are not together. “Yes of course I will chick”. I looked for them last night IN THE PORCH and they weren’t there, I looked elsewhere and…….couldn’t find them! By this time she is in bed, so I called her the next morning.

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Now, another bug bear of mine ( I have a few) is mobile phones. Why is it when you call someone on a mobile phone they don’t answer? Granted they may be busy, but when you know where the person is and what they are doing aaarrrggghhhh!!!! I called my daughter on her new phone to find out what she did with her trainers 3 times and no answer! I had to leave for work at this point. I then sent a message to her with an explanation of why I won’t be dropping them off…..this is her reply…….


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Two words that are to a parent like having your heart ripped out and eyes poked at the same time……right whatever! Them two words put together can feel like having a smack in the mouth to a parent, Disney channel has a lot to answer for. Children seem to always say “well I put them [insert place of hiding here] and they are not there so someone must have moved them” it isn’t until either me or my Mrs. Go looking that we find it, albeit slightly and I mean slightly moved from where it was.

So the missing trainers to me are a mystery, if you put something down, unless someone has moved it, it should be there. With regards to shoes, rather than seeing a 13 stone 44 year old guy go flying across the room, the porch is where our shoes should be. But why do parents always get the blame? It a viscous circle, I have no doubt i did it to my mum and dad when I was younger. Out two girls though can be little divas, and something as simple as running out of juice can seem like a world wide drought!

So that’s what we are trying to teach our girls from early on, take responsibility for your actions. You create your own life from the decisions and the actions that you practice. Thankfully our girls are already thinking for themselves, and asking questions about the whys and wherefores of the world.

But as for lost trainers……..there is still work to be done!

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