SUPERMARKETS: A new breed of human farms?

It occurred to me today when I was shopping in Tescos-which does not happen very often-that I realise what we actually might be. I know we are humans and I know each and every one of us are amazing in our own right, we are a mass of energy that we can, with some practice learn to control to put ourself in a positive attitude. But what I mean is and what I am referring to are the aisles that are placed in uniform order for us to walk along to pick our produce almost in a state of ‘grazing’. Which brings me to the point I am trying to make, take a look at the picture below I mean really look at it.

Now I know it’s not an identical match to the supermarkets, but it made me think as I was sitting there waiting for my daughter to put some pocket money treats through. Are we like cattle, like sheep going up and down feeding from the straw laden cages taking a bit from the food that is most on show or the ‘nubbing’ that catches our eye. We are then met by the farmer (cashier) to be ushered through the gateway and out of the exit. As humans at least we get to go away feed our stomachs at our own pace, but like cattle (they get to feed from the off) we then have to work for our pay. Cows in field chewing the cud, us slogging away at our jobs bringing in the profits for the person above us. The cattle produce milk and meat we produce hard work and results and then the cycle begins again. Once a week we (and cattle) go to the barn (supermarket) to feed fill our stomachs so we have the sustenance to repeat the process. So how do we break away from this? is a good question.

With 1000’s spent on marketing everyday and experts desperately trying to catch our eye we are hypnotised almost into buying produce subconsciously. The best way we have dealt with this view in our house is both me and my partner are self-employed we don’t if we don’t want to at least work the 9 to 5. Some of our food we get from local shops, it always seems like the large cooperate giants that own the supermarkets almost want us to be in the state of mind that we are stuck in conformity. Is this the reason for branded produce at higher rates of costs? In truth a majority of foods does actually taste the same.

I’ll give you an example, we tend to shop at Morrisons after a short stint at Tescos. Our shopping bill tends to come to £120+ now we don’t really go without. So me and my partner had a chat and we went to shop at Aldi and…….with the same amount of shopping it came to £62. Ok the choice was limited but we were happy with what we got. Which begs another question why are people ‘struggling’ but still choose to shop at the higher end supermarkets?

So I go back to the feeding pens of the farms, is that what this place is. Are we being monouvered on a daily basis for the purpose of the top 1 %? As I have said before, in our house we don’t buy into all this ‘propaganda ‘. I can almost feel the feel of rolling eyes and raised eyebrows, but that’s what it is. This form of news can be used for either good or bad, to benefit or control. Negative habits can be used to control, I myself use habits of my own to keep myself in a POSITIVE mindset. And mindlessly walking up and down a supermarket aisle while not being conscious of what you are doing or your surroundings in my view is dangerous

Question everything……..this may come as a slight insight to how I think. Because I do just that……….everyday, every time.

Much love.  X