Protein, protein, protein? Is UFIT the answer?

I’m training for a marathon, I have already completed a half marathon last year. Now, whilst I am far from an expert on matters of this nature. I will sit down, research and get to the bottom of something that I want to know.

Two crates are better than one

I had the privilege of being sent some protein drinks from UFIT, one batch of strawberry and one chocolate. I have tried more protein powders than you can shake a stick at. I used to have a cupboard full of protein powder shakers. But one thing I could never cure! A small amount of the powder used to sit at the bottom after the contents had been depleted. Aargh must have the full protein, must get it inside. Build, build, build, So when I had the chance to trial these drinks, my hand was first in the air.

 Where’s all my protein gone

I have come to realize (obviously) that you need protein to repair muscles. But I thought, you didn’t really need much replacement during cardiovascular training as well I was wrong! 


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The flavors I was sent were strawberry and chocolate. I love strawberries and I love chocolate so I was in my element. However, for me at least, the chocolate seemed a bit thinner in consistency compared to the strawberry. It was still nice, really nice. But if you like your protein shakes fairly thicker, it’s strawberry.

The science…..

In each shake there is packed 22 grams of protein. According to a study by the USDA we eat on average 69 grams of protein a day. But if you exercise more than an hour five or more days a week, increase intake by 0.75 grams per pound. Now I am definitely not one of those that measures, calculates everything I put in my body. Even when I was weight lifting (a long time ago) and got fairly big, I didn’t obsess about it. SO, the UFIT shakes are a sure-fire way of at least making sure you may be getting the right amount of protein.

The amount is your choice

The first week I was drinking them I did everyday. I run 3 times a week: 13 mile on a Monday…….6mile on a Wednesday….5 mile on a Friday. But, I drank UFIT everyday, I have to be honest it was a bit much for me. However, I did actually feel a difference. I was less achy, my legs didn’t feel as tight and I did actually feel a slight pump (very slight).

The second week I opted for every other day, and for me that felt better. The effects I mentioned above were still there but it gave me a chance to rest my stomach. I drank them in the morning straight after a run, now I can’t eat after a run it does me in. So these shakes were ideal for replacing nutrients without feeling the sick heaviness of solids. And they do say eating protein in the AM tends to curb your appetite… win. I am one for testing out the psychological impacts of what might be a placebo. So I went 2 weeks without the shakes, and after having them for the short time of the previous two weeks. I have to say I did feel better for having them…..I really did, and I didn’t think I would!

How much

These are marketed as £2 a shake, but I have found them (remarkably) in ‘ICELAND FREEZER STORES’ for £1.50. All in all, I will be going back on these. As you may know I am on SLIMMING WORLD, and if you are too, these shakes are 8 syns per shake. Below is the nutritional info for both:

I say give them a go, as for the chocolate I know I said it was slightly thinner than the strawberry. But, it’s chocolate flavor……come on! I’ll still be drinking it.

Let me know if you get these, and let me know how you get on with them. Running a marathon? Let’s exchange some tips.

Luv ya xxxx

Tony Martin brainfood


My first half marathon…………..

I have not posted for a few weeks my attention and focus has been on other things, namely I did the IKANO Nottingham half marathon. It is something I have wanted to do for ages and at last I applied for one a while back. My slimming world consultant (yes you just read that) asked if I wanted to do one so I took the plunge!

What a great day, I mean a really great day the commradery amongst runners was astounding people coming past you or even matching your pace to offer you words of encouragement. It was even coming from spectators at the side lines people I have never met before encouraging me by name (your name is placed on your race number). It was a total feeling of people coming together forgetting all their differences, dividing opinions and beliefs for just this one day. People of all shapes and sizes and of all ages testing their metal and achieving something they can look back on.

A well organised event and the weather was fabulous, foggy in the morning and then finally the sun reared its head at about 10.30. Water and lucozade was being copiously dished out along the way, however some of it was also being brought back up by the few that felt ill. I did feel for a young girl by the roadside surrounded by St. John’s ambulance as she was sat on the kerb head bowed with the contents of her stomach being emptied onto the tarmac, her friend responding to a first aider’s question of what she has had to eat “oh she only had a small pie this morning”.

It a sense of achievement and the adrenaline still pumps for a short time after, but the feeling of knowing that you are fit enough to do something like this does give you a sense of comfortability (if there is such a word). I was never-at least not until now-fit when I was younger and I was a big boy when I was at school and it has taken me till I am 43 to be at the fitness that I am at now it has taken some time but it can be done. Seeing some of the people do the race it shows that any one of us can do what we focus on what we believe we can do. I have said many times before we are all amazing people and we are capable of so much more that we think we are.

If there is something you want to achieve…………DO IT, really do it. Convince yourself through blind faith that you can do what you set out to do. What’s the worse that can happen? Goals are achieved merely through not giving up on what you want.