SOCIALISING , FALLEN BY THE WAYSIDE? Not unless there is a celebrity involved!

That’s it another weekend of picking up the drifters done and dusted. Last weekend was bank holiday and apart from someone being killed by a driver ‘death by dangerous driving’ all was above board. In this trade, certainly where I ply for hire, the weekend after a bank holiday is usually quiet. But not this one, well not the Saturday anyway. Friday was the quiet one, I actually thought I saw a roll of tumble weed skimming across the road past the last chance saloon. But no, last night was busy which was a suprise.

But there was a new hero in town, or at least some would think………Fabrizio Santino aka ziggy from holly oaks. He was making a personal appearance at one of the clubs in town, and there were more ladies in town clamouring to get a sneaky peak or exchange their tickets for a meet and greet they had previously bought.

Now, many customers of mine always say to me it is cheaper nowadays to have a night in what with the price of beer going up all the time. Nip down to Tesco for a cheap crate of beer get some friends round and have an all nighter, all from the comfort of your favourite armchair. And this is my point, gone is the socialising that we used to do in ‘good old days’ pubs being shut down cause they can no longer afford to stay open. Working men’s clubs being shut down as one has done so just outside the border of chaos, what was once a meeting place for the locals to catch up after dragging their butts on a 9 to 5 for 5 days has been flattened and forgotten. These were once the back bone of communities somewhere for the gossip to ensue without the guilt of getting an accusation wrong.

Dressed up, booted up, hair gelled and make up on ready to shake that frame on the dance floor seems sometimes like a distant memory. Instead we sit in, beer in hand watching TV and instead look up to the characters behind the screen and take comfort of seeing THEM partying the night away.

Should we be looking up to theses ‘celebritys’? Or should we be looking up to the midwife in the local hospital doing a 19 hour shift bringing the miracle of life into the world. If she was placed on a podium how many ticket buyers would be standing behind the velvet rope waiting in anticipation to feel the breath of someone so marvellous? I’m guessing not many, if any at all.

So on I go to mention, in the time I have been a taxi driver every bank holiday has been manic. But not last week, were people saving their money. Saving it for an event that far outclasses spending time and socialising with people in the community.

Yes they were, step in a ‘celebrity’ the aforementioned Fabrizio Santino he has the power to bring people out in their droves. Good business for me, but you have to ask yourself………..

Does it take the onset of a celebrity to keep our communities going and tear people away from settling for the 97p a can lager from the local supermarket?