Tony Blair, the Chilcot report and war crimes. These 3 things seem to be doing the rounds at the moment and they seem to be doing rather well together.
But there are some other underlying issues that seem to be going unnoticed and they are not being allowed to come along for the ride.

Tony Blair according to the Chilcot report has lied about the Iraq war, there does not seem to be any confusion over that. But why did he lie, and why did he favor backing bush over his own public, who are the very ones that voted him in.
Well to make some connections you have to start at the beginning, the very beginning and at that beginning is the great George dubya bush.
When bush Junior Took office it was bush senior that was a member of a company called the Carlisle group. And this company is reported to be the most politically connected private equity firm ever being made up almost entirely of ex government officials.

There was at the time major complaints about the bush family and its connections with this firm, and the complaints came way before 9/11. But skip a few years and we get to the time after 9/11. Now Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, it became known that Bush Senior was financially linked to the Bin Laden family.
The Sept 28, 2001 edition of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that, “George H.W. Bush, the father of President Bush, worked for the bin Laden family business in Saudi Arabia through the Carlyle Group, an international consulting firm.”

Remember the private plane loaded with the bin laden family, being the only one allowed to leave America at the time of the attacks.

Again according to the Wall Street journal The bin Laden firm invested $2 million in Carlyle Partners which raised a total of $1.3 billion overall. The fund purchased several aerospace companies among 29 deals. “So far, the family has received $1.3 million back in completed investments and should ultimately realize a 40% annualized rate of return,” a Carlyle executive told the WSJ at the time.

And as reported on website THE INTERNATIONAL COALITION:
On Sept 27, the WSJ said it confirmed that a meeting took place between bush Senior and the bin Laden family through bush Seniors Chief of Staff Jean Becker,
but only after the WSJ showed Becker a personal thank you note that Bush Sr. sent to the bin Ladens after the meeting.
But Here’s a little known fact that again is as reported on the international coalition website
On 9/11, Shafiq bin Laden was at a meeting in the office of the Carlyle Group, and stood watching TV as the WTC was destroyed under the instruction of his brother.

So, Carlyle had investments in 300 companies, and quite a few of them derive revenues from military and security contracts.
Carlyle was reported to be the countries 11th largest defense contractor at the time. In 2002, it received $677 million in government contracts, and in 2003, it was awarded contracts worth another $2.1 billion. So Suffice it to say Business had definitely improved for the firm when bush Junior took office. For example, one of its subsidiaries, Vought Aircraft, held over $1 billion in defense contracts.
Prior to 2001, the company’s future did not look promising and Right before 9/11, it had actually laid off 20% of its workforce.
But, lo and behold, business picked right back up with the air strikes on Afghanistan and the war in Iraq.

So now onto Tony Blair and his motives
From a report made by the telegraph newspaper as of 2008 Tony Blair was the highest paid public speaker in the world since leaving Downing Street with earnings that top £12 million
He tends to travel the world on speaking events and can command earnings from anything up to £157,000 for a mere 90 minute speech.

And that’s fine, anyone that has the ability to earn that kind of money is doing something right.
He has also made £2 million from his role with the bank of JP MORGAN, and also took £84,000 of tax payers money to run a private office.
Now here it comes, I did say didn’t I

Mr Blair has also become a favourite for a specific company, Yep the CARLYLE GROUP. As I said earlier
They are major investors in the military and its board as we may or may not know has had members from the bush family and its European chairman was Sir John Major
Now just before Tony Blair resigned from his post as PM it became known in certain circles that he had been offered a job at
Whether or not he accepted the position I don’t know I can’t seem to find information on that.

But,… is quite often the case with business men from all walks of life
Scratch my back and I will, with a fistful of dollars scratch yours.
Was Tony Blair promised this position whilst LYING to the public about the Iraq war and the fact that he would go on to be a favourite speaker of the afore-mentioned company which would lead him to earning a substantial amount of wealth as a result.

But as well as the crime that seems to be looming over his head as a result of the Chilcott report. It may be unknown to a few that he was also convicted by the Kuala Lumpur warcrimes commission
For crimes against peace following his lies in the run up to the illegal Iraq war.

As yet he has not been bought to justice over this, this might have something to do with the fact that he had a personal security force that amounted to £250,000 a year paid by the uk government.
But something else that goes in favor for Tony Blair
Being a member of the BILDERBERG GROUP
to which he denied back in 1998 when asked by Parliament if any members of his government had been members

A fellow member named him and he then admitted being a member stating that it is “a really useful group” that and Being a member of the committee of 300
Which has fellow members from the ROTHSCHILDS , Rockerfellas
And the Morgan’s banking family which Blair is an advisor as I have already said
David Cameron is also a member of the committee of 300 as was David Milliband at the time of the last election.

All in all the connections stink and they stink bad. Has Tony Blair been naughty? Yes a very naughty boy
Will he be held accountable?
With connections like the BILDERBURG group, the Carlyle group and the committee of 300
He will probably get a pat on the back and be given an island of his own.
For him to peacefully count his HARD EARNED GAINS
Every time a leader gets in and creates a government to bring in policies to make our nation great
There seems to be eventually an underlying current of corruption and lies for the betterment of their own sinister little world.

When will we have a government that actually cares about what we think
And when will we let the powers that be, know this is what we want
Until we do I think this will go on for generations to come
How do we get round this in the time being
Keep pointing out the lies
Crete your own little world where nothing impedes your ambition or growth
Until they finally realize they actually have no power of you at all
And until as a nation we ALL see them for what they really are

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FULFILL YOUR PASSION not what the others say!

Sometimes you have to do what is your passion. I started this blog just to see if I could do it, to see if I could write and someone would read. To see if people were interested in what I had to say.

My TRUE passion? It’s the world around us, it’s trying to make the world better for my children. At the moment I see a lot wrong with governments, wars, and how we are being treated as a nation, and it’s wrong. But, who is going to listen to little old me?

I haven’t posted on this blog for a while, I have been busy filming, videoing and trying to build a presence on you tube and getting my views out there. There are 1000s of blogs out there and I fell victim to the norm! I don’t like corporate giants and I don’t like what they stand for. I fell into the rut of:

Try this
Review this
publicize this and get more views and followers

And it just wasn’t me, i tried to do the same with you-tube some time ago, and i stopped as i just wasn’t happy with the content it was not who i was. There are more beauty bloggers out there than you can shake a stick at, are they REALLY passionate about the next big lipstick or eye shadow or is it for free stuff and popularity marks. I realize i may get shot down for these comments but i have to start saying what i feel. There is one YOUTUBER that i watch avidly although not for a few weeks now CASEY NIESTAT. He said “if you are doing what other people are doing you are doing it wrong”. And i think that is so true, BRAINFOOD almost became my baby, but was it really who i am? I look at it now and i say NO it really wasn’t!

I am so sorry to the people that have followed me on here with the content that  have produced so far, but i HAVE to produce content that i am passionate about and that is the world around us. I am far from what society would deem ACADEMIC but i am self educated in consciousness and the world. An now is the time that i have to produce that content as that is a what i am passionate about, someone nsaid to me once produce things that make you happy even if no one sees it.

Below is an “Episode” of my youtube channel show, and i am looking to change the name of this blog and th direction it is going. I am sorry if you still expect the content to be what i was but  HAVE TO do what makes ME happy and thanks to all those so far that have read my posts and subscribed to this blog and i hope you ill stay with me.

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I don’t disagree with the influx of ‘immigrants’ as such we all need help, if we want to create another and better lives for ourselves who can blame us. If you want abundance for your children you would do anything wouldn’t you? The thing I actually disagree with is the practise that we are being kept in the dark I believe we are not being told the full story.

I posted here yesterday that a video I shared on FB had been removed and it did slightly trouble me as to why information like this is being discarded. Well it has appeared again, half way through the process of me putting together some verses that I had going round in my head so, rightly or wrongly I included it in my latest concoction of pictures and muses. Now whether or not I will get blown apart for this I don’t know or whether or not it will be taken down I don’t have a clue. I like to think I can’t be reprimanded for merely having opinions, opinions I like to share.

None the less here it is for you to mull over, digress on what is contained therein I do apologise if you don’t agree but as I have said they are merely opinions of mine. Some of us have the same but unfortunately some of us care not to share them through the fear of repercussions. In for a penny in for pound my mum always taught me.


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Im, shocked, surprised and stunned…………although I have to say I don’t know why. What is about to follow I should have expected, I mean I have come to ‘see through the smoke screen’ of what is happening around us, happening around me.
Late last night someone showed me a video of a reporter on sky news sounding off about the Syrian refugees. So I asked them to share it with me so I could put across my views on what I thought. Now in the video the reporter on the couch ( I can’t remember her name, blonde black rimmed glasses very pretty) said:

 ” I’m concerned and I think that we all should be that a short while ago Isis declared they were sending over 5000 (it may have been 500) of their soldiers hidden amongst the refugees that are coming in and that we won’t see it coming. Now my concern is that there are not enough checks in place, sure most of them are women and children but a lot of them are strapping young guys that are more than capable to fight”
Or words to that affect so, I posted the video that was originally posted by another I had no profanities placed on the post it was merely fact not fiction and just my opinion. I looked this morning at my newsfeed and it has been taken off, it has been taken off the page of my sharer and the original poster. But why?

With information like that being aired live on Sky news shouldn’t we be made aware of it more so in the mainstream? Why would Facebook, or maybe some external force instruct someone to take it down? And if that is out there then the government must have known about it and if this is the case then why let 30,000 refugees in without the strictest of checks…….to me it doesn’t make sense. It is almost becoming like we are being constantly edited, everything we say and sometimes what we do is being scrubbed out if it doesn’t meet with what they want us to think. It reminds me of a scene in ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ when Robin Williams takes the news sheets from the printer then the two twins sit there aggressively scrubbing out with a marker what shouldn’t be heard.

I tried to find a customer service number for Facebook to get some questions answered…………there isn’t one, well not that I could find anyway. So have we really got the right of freedom of speech or do we have to monitor ourselves and what we say. The news and other forms of media I believe are engineered to feed us what they want us to think. Things are kept hidden in case there is a public panic, but the panic would be far greater it you find something out that you know has been hidden………wouldn’t it?

One big question……….the newscasters concerns were aired on TV so the government must have known about it, IF they do then why is there and why have they begun an influx of refugees?

Political/Social poetry or Spoken word?  You decide!

Just something new that I’m trying if i told you I was an expert to you I’d be lying There are many things that upset me many things on my mind so I try to express them as relief from the grind.
I’m here to point out the things that I see, the benefit is my mind is set free you may not listen or agree with the things that I say, but I’ll go on with my work that warrants my pay.
political views are a matter of course, but just like the government we all have our flaws.
I have had words in my head for a while and since I been reading about the psychology of the mind and positive thinking I have required a slight knack of seeing through rubbish that most people say. How do I express that, sometimes I don’t know. I don’t want to get into the whole conspiracy subject, while info is a great source of info I don’t want to be held accountable for altering people’s thoughts or being a bit controversial……not yet anyway… The reason why I started the whole BRAINFOOD thing is just to get people thinking, by no means am I a revolutionary. I just like freeing my mind of information and opinions to make room for more.
This video is something I have put together, I have loads more verses where this came from just not done anything with them but I wanted to. I once heard “if you want to sing, write a book, or anything else do it because you want to and it makes you happy” so that is what I have done.
Hopefully people will like what I have done, will do, and maybe it will make them think. Who knows? Below is the link to the video feel free to share it, comment on it. And let me know.
 WHY I DON’T VOTE (video) call it political poetry, spoken word? I don’t know I’ll let you guys decide.
 Thank you and much love to you.