It has been said by Outspoken mp Dennis skinner that David Cameron has done more to divide this nation than any other prime minister in history. Certainly this could be seen as true on the debating of brexit and the in campaign. And with a time now, that we all should be united over the corruption of the Tories, now we have another force trying to divide our nation.

We are now at a stage when far right groups in the country are now jumping on the bandwagon if dividing the country. One group in particular stating that they denounce democratically elected Muslims as occupiers who are trying to take over our political system.
Considering the definition of occupier is and I quote
A member of a group that takes POSSESSION of a country by force. Now as seen as they were elected in I’m not sure if that actually constitutes as force…………..I might be wrong
They also stated that people should stand by for a flurry of direct operations with threats of violence and harassment. Seem strange doesn’t it that these groups seem to be aimed at a better Britain but don’t seem geared toward outing a corrupt government. Threatening politicians in their personal life which in turn creates fear and intimidation and feeling the already raging fire of racism. I say again with the use of fear, but doesn’t the government do this, Didn’t David Cameron do this over the Third World War claim the n brexit.

So what makes these groups better than an already over corrupt governments? Is it really in face making a better britain? I question these tactics.
When this group in particular is mentioned

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We glance opened mouthed and say how appalled we are at their past history and actions, that said you wouldn’t associate this group with Christians so why should be tarnish honest Muslims with this nasty group. We also hear comments from Islamic groups like this below and they are seen as terrorists…….need I comment further on that?

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Far right groups are creating the divide as is the government, taking to the streets in threatening behaviour but this is what the government want. We are now taking our eyes of the prize and this is distracting us from what is really out there.
Tarnishing a religion with the same views as the minority in my view is wrong. This kind of behaviour should worry us and worry us a lot. The far right groups against Muslims are insinuating that we are being over run and our country is being ‘occupied’ by Muslims.

It was stated on a Facebook page of a far right group that by 2050 this country will be FULL of Muslims

Now bear in mind that as of 2011 the percentage of Muslims for the entire population stood at 4.5 %
However take London for example, In some parts of London half the population of the city are now Muslims.

But, take a look at this graphic

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The numbers look quite high and they could to some appear worrying, But if you do the math, over the past 25 years this equates to

1,576 Muslims per week either through birth of immigration

Which is a figure that could appear to be less worrying, if you are in fact worrying. So Muslims are not exactly taking over!

Now go back to the Paris terrorist attacks and a far right group held a national conference in Sheffield where they passed a policy to ban the religion Islam within the United Kingdom and all its associated practices.
There is evidence that the KKK is practicing in the uk with news reports documenting the name Christian identity. So should we be having a conference to ban this religion as well as its associated practices. Everyone in this country has and should have to right to demonstrate. But when it starts to get less than peaceful it becomes a problem, And I’m talking about both sides.

There has been at the beginning of the year a backlash against what some Muslims see as islamaphobic stigmatism. Many have campaigned against the governments ‘prevent’ agenda which calls on communities to report suspected terrorist sympathisers. But we have the right to know if there are extremists dangerous to the society we live in.
In my view Muslims may not be doing themselves any favours by going against this, why wouldn’t you out someone of this mindset. Former equalities chief Trevor Phillips sparked outrage some time ago by stating:

Some Muslims will ALWAYS remain apart saying ‘it may be that they see the world differently to the rest of us

Quite a bold statement, but I know I see the world differently to some we all do don’t we? I don’t support or condone any extremists views of any kind no matter which group they come from. But also worries me is we are taking our eye of the prize.

These groups on both side are so pre occupied with fighting against each other we are forgetting the corrupt government and fishing out the extremists for these groups and holding them up for what they Are.
We should be trying to end terrorism in all its outlets and again the includes the governments as well. Not just members of factions like Isis.


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Good things come to those that wait. ERM NO THEY DON’T!

Today ladies and gentlemen I am dejected (is that the right word). I’m afraid to say nowadays we live in a society where most people are just after a quick fix. They want to work their way around the board but they want a direct route to GO and not take anything in along the way. Unfortunately life just isn’t like that, it really isn’t. Life is a journey, and whilst that comes as a bit of a cliche, I am forced to add it’s true. There are atepping stones all through life and each one has to be stood upon, take in the environment because you may miss something that will help you along your way. If you take a big leap to the other side all preparation will be lost. One thing will always lead you to the next, shit job? Take it, low pay? Take it. As much as some of us hate the SYSTEM and the way money controls it, until there is something else in its place we have to try and make it work for us.

With low pay comes expirience, and with expirience comes the great rewards. Every now and again an opportunity does come along and you have to be alert, be mindfull of it’s presence. It seems to me that SOME of the next generation have been manipulated by technology. Many things are easy and many things are done FOR US. But when that converts into lack of effort for the want of bettering yourself, then you have to realise that it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Ambition is a mindset, it is the want to strive for better. When that ambition is removed by a short sharp fix, all hell breaks lose. Don’t give up don’t give in, desire is one of the most strongest forces you will ever come across. When victory is obtained it is that much sweeter when you obtain it yourself. Ask any athlete and they would rather win through their own determination and skill rather than it being handed in a plate when the other guy quits. Ambition builds our country, builds communities, so we have to INSTILL that in our children as they are the ones to carry on the legacy.

I have the privilege of accepting a LIEBSTER AWARD.

I am so grateful to be nominated for Liebster Award!! Fatima over at FANNA’S BEAUTY BLOG nominated me, and I am so grateful to her. Thank you so much Fatima it really does mean a lot that you popped over to take a look at BRAINFOOD. It has taken me nearly a week to search for other blogs to nominate.

Let’s know what is Liebster Award, how it works and my answers to Fatima’s question. Shall we?


After doing a little research it turns out that The Liebster Award is an online award given to new bloggers by bloggers who’ve been on the scene for a while.

1. The rules are simple just thank the blogger who nominated you, also give their blog link on your post.
2. Answer 11 questions you were asked. After completing the questions, select 5-11 new bloggers with small fan following and nominate their names in your post.
3. List 11 questions for them to answer and leave a comment on their blog providing a link to your post. So that they know what to do.

Here are my answers to Fatima Jannan’s questions:

1. Where did the name of your blog come from?
Ans. I like to fuel my mind with info, especially the subject i am interested in. The sub-concious mind and the effects of positivity on our lives and that’s what it is for me it is Food for the brain

2. How would you describe your blog in 3 words?
Ans. thoughtful, mindful, provoking

3. What is your most worn clothing item in your wardrobe?
Ans.I have grey hoodie (that i am wearing now actually) and i love it,its so comfy

4. What would you say is your favorite song, to lift you up from a bad day?
Ans. Bring him Home……Les Mis

5. Favorite movie quote?
Ans. Just gimme my fucking phone call (american accent)- ROBOCOP

6. Who would you say is your ultimate role model and why?
Ans. My mum, she was an amzing eastend lady. She always stuck up for me and my sister and always went out of way and worked hard to give us the best. She taught me to be respectful to everybody and appreciate what we have. Still miss her today

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Ans. Running my own company, and motivating my employees to maximise their potential and make as much money as they can think is possible, bringing a good lifestyle to their family. and people listening and reading my blog and thinking along with me. And watching my YouTube channel.

8. What TV show are you currently watching (or what did you watch last)?
Ans. I hardly take out time to watch TV shows.But i do like to watch documentries and stuff of that genre. Watching the SAS reality show at the mo.

9. What is your favorite place to visit?
Ans. Not sure if its a place really, but love to go and see my in Laws and my sister in London.

10. What was the last thing your personally cooked?
Ans. Chilli

11. What was the last website you were on?
Ans. Fanaa’s Beauty Blog lol

Now it’s my turn to nominate 5 bloggers for this award and my nominees are:

Fahima @  My personal teen life

Dylan and Liz @Living with (out) Autism

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Kurt Bindley

Owners of all the above, answer the questions above it would be nice to have some insight. Fatima i am truly gratful that you went out of your way to look at my blog, means a lot.

( I do apologise  if i have done this wrong, fingers crossed that i have. I am REALLY new to blogging myself and i am still finding my way.

every single one of you……….Be Amazing XxX

LEGEND: it’s not always brotherly love.

Legend the latest outing with the Kray twins as portrayed by Tom Hardy, yet another masterclass in acting by the faultless Tom.
From the outset you are placed within the east end of London and graced with the swagger of Reggie Kray, and with your mind already infused with the facts of the krays Tom already has screen presence. Most of the time it appears that ‘Reggie’ is almost the story teller in this latest venture and his ambition to build an empire that is second to none. Some empires though cannot be built on ones own ambitions and so reggie sets out to get twin brother released from hospital, again using their ‘know how’ to acquire a less than honest doctor to ok the medical report. The  fact that Ronnie has issues with his mental capabilities is played on giving the impression he was slightly unhinged. This I think gave viewers the opinion that Reggie may well have been the brains of the outfit and despite the violence involved in their gangland activities, he was the level headed thinker the business man. At points in the story it was almost as if Reggie resented his brother in a sense that he could never think straight as he said on returning to his club after Ronnie had flittered money away and didn’t pay the taxes “your a fuckng criminal mate” followed by a free fall of punches between them. Say what you like about the Krays, although it was before my time from what I have heard about them from members of my family (I was brought up in the east end) and general chit chat of their notoriety. Was the east end back then a safer place? As far as I’m aware it was only the lowly crew that got involved with them possibly keeping our streets cleaned of rubbish.
I do feel after watching this version it felt like it was close to the facts, that may have some thing to do with Tom Hardy or it was merely researched in greater detail I don’t know. One thing I think I did see, Reggie did quite possibly want to make things more of a sound reputation albeit with a bit of a slap now and again due to the fact that he did love Francis as much as he did. However Ronnie had other things on his mind with regards to spilling blood in a more adventurous way which may have been connected to the fact he was-at least in the beginning-declared insane. Which begs the question did Reggie kill Jack the hat because he thought this was the only way he could stop and control the outcome of what Ronnie was setting out to do for ‘The firm’. Being locked up is a good way to stop any man from corruption, after all that’s what power does to some poeple. That and the fact that Francis died, the loyalty that Reggie felt he had to honour to his twin almost tied him up in doing what he had to do to save face. This I think may have been there downfall, yes I hear you say “murder” but I don’t think Reg would have killed jack had it not been for the death of Francis. A part of Reg died as well that day, and if that was the case what is the point of going on.
I have no doubt there were many more gangs of that time involved in protection rackets and some may have well slipped under the radar, I have no doubt that it still goes on today. And they go on without ever being put behind bars, and the Krays could have done the same I feel. But did Ron over step the mark maybe? I think Francis was the one thing that could have changed the course of how things went, but then again I feel going by the story of LEGEND they made it seem that Ron changed for his ultimate gains. There did seem to be two side to the same story and two paths that each were ultimately going, and I did feel genuinely sad for Reggie when Francis when she died in a sense that Reggie looked as though his life was over and he may as well escalate the crime.
It does obviously prove in some cases that blood is indeed thinker than water and family loyalty does go above and beyond.
With regards to Tom Hardy being able to play two characters almost simultaneously is an accomplishment and an Oscar nomination I think is on the cards.


Well it’s come round again, another a year where we pay tribute to a horrid act that took place in New York the place where dreams are made………or at least they should be.

2977 innocent, yes innocent people lost their lives simply by waking up going to work going about their day and doing what they love. There are plenty of theories out there and we all know about them and what they say, I’m not going to sit here today and bark on about them out of sheer respect for the fallen. But I will say this, I have my own theories and I have read extensively on what went on witness accounts and interviews of the American government. I used to be in the construction industry and know a good deal about buildings, purely what I have learnt from other people……….I think you know what I am trying to say.

 I went to ground zero a short time after it happened and the atmosphere and feeling you get in your soul and your heart just by standing outside the fence is almost unbearable…….it upset me. You have to hold a torch up-not to the government-but to the American people, they are resilient they are strong and most of all they have dealt with an atrocity that I can’t even begin to get my head around. When I was there we spoke in detail to a yellow cab driver and even as an American citizen he was not convinced and many of the residents were the same at least the ones we spoke to.

One of our visits was in the wax works on TIMES SQUARE now that is a good visit, until you get to the end. You are forced around a corridor (there is no other way to exit) into a vast room and placed in the middle is a statue of the fireman pushing the flag up to be placed in the ground. Placed around the room are people crying they are staying in the room to accept the misery of what happened, and the emotional upset is almost over powering. I had to get out I could feel myself welling up and I said to the friends I was with “I’m out of here I can’t stay here”. And that made me realise that’s it it’s always there it hangs in the air certainly while I was there, it’s almost like you go about your day but you are constantly looking out of the corner of your eye. 

I lost some one when I was 21 and they went in a horrific way I have come to terms slightly with it and I am ready to share what I have learnt from it, that will come soon! But what I’m trying to say is nothing will EVER prepare you for losing someone in the way that these people were lost, nothing. Look all over the Internet,books,media videos and you can make up your own mind of what you think happened…….I mean really happened. My views are private, certainly too private to be discussed here it’s not my right to plant your mind with what I think. Some people have said to me it’s time to move on enough is enough do we have to remember the fallen every year. And I think we do we really do, it shows us that we are fragile we can be hurt from any means possible and that there is always someone out there with an ulterior motive.

If there is one thing you got to do……………………..just don’t let it stop you enjoying life, holding you back from achieving your dreams.

I didn’t 

9/11 victims my thoughts are with you.         Xx


Im, shocked, surprised and stunned…………although I have to say I don’t know why. What is about to follow I should have expected, I mean I have come to ‘see through the smoke screen’ of what is happening around us, happening around me.
Late last night someone showed me a video of a reporter on sky news sounding off about the Syrian refugees. So I asked them to share it with me so I could put across my views on what I thought. Now in the video the reporter on the couch ( I can’t remember her name, blonde black rimmed glasses very pretty) said:

 ” I’m concerned and I think that we all should be that a short while ago Isis declared they were sending over 5000 (it may have been 500) of their soldiers hidden amongst the refugees that are coming in and that we won’t see it coming. Now my concern is that there are not enough checks in place, sure most of them are women and children but a lot of them are strapping young guys that are more than capable to fight”
Or words to that affect so, I posted the video that was originally posted by another I had no profanities placed on the post it was merely fact not fiction and just my opinion. I looked this morning at my newsfeed and it has been taken off, it has been taken off the page of my sharer and the original poster. But why?

With information like that being aired live on Sky news shouldn’t we be made aware of it more so in the mainstream? Why would Facebook, or maybe some external force instruct someone to take it down? And if that is out there then the government must have known about it and if this is the case then why let 30,000 refugees in without the strictest of checks…….to me it doesn’t make sense. It is almost becoming like we are being constantly edited, everything we say and sometimes what we do is being scrubbed out if it doesn’t meet with what they want us to think. It reminds me of a scene in ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ when Robin Williams takes the news sheets from the printer then the two twins sit there aggressively scrubbing out with a marker what shouldn’t be heard.

I tried to find a customer service number for Facebook to get some questions answered…………there isn’t one, well not that I could find anyway. So have we really got the right of freedom of speech or do we have to monitor ourselves and what we say. The news and other forms of media I believe are engineered to feed us what they want us to think. Things are kept hidden in case there is a public panic, but the panic would be far greater it you find something out that you know has been hidden………wouldn’t it?

One big question……….the newscasters concerns were aired on TV so the government must have known about it, IF they do then why is there and why have they begun an influx of refugees?

SOCIALISING , FALLEN BY THE WAYSIDE? Not unless there is a celebrity involved!

That’s it another weekend of picking up the drifters done and dusted. Last weekend was bank holiday and apart from someone being killed by a driver ‘death by dangerous driving’ all was above board. In this trade, certainly where I ply for hire, the weekend after a bank holiday is usually quiet. But not this one, well not the Saturday anyway. Friday was the quiet one, I actually thought I saw a roll of tumble weed skimming across the road past the last chance saloon. But no, last night was busy which was a suprise.

But there was a new hero in town, or at least some would think………Fabrizio Santino aka ziggy from holly oaks. He was making a personal appearance at one of the clubs in town, and there were more ladies in town clamouring to get a sneaky peak or exchange their tickets for a meet and greet they had previously bought.

Now, many customers of mine always say to me it is cheaper nowadays to have a night in what with the price of beer going up all the time. Nip down to Tesco for a cheap crate of beer get some friends round and have an all nighter, all from the comfort of your favourite armchair. And this is my point, gone is the socialising that we used to do in ‘good old days’ pubs being shut down cause they can no longer afford to stay open. Working men’s clubs being shut down as one has done so just outside the border of chaos, what was once a meeting place for the locals to catch up after dragging their butts on a 9 to 5 for 5 days has been flattened and forgotten. These were once the back bone of communities somewhere for the gossip to ensue without the guilt of getting an accusation wrong.

Dressed up, booted up, hair gelled and make up on ready to shake that frame on the dance floor seems sometimes like a distant memory. Instead we sit in, beer in hand watching TV and instead look up to the characters behind the screen and take comfort of seeing THEM partying the night away.

Should we be looking up to theses ‘celebritys’? Or should we be looking up to the midwife in the local hospital doing a 19 hour shift bringing the miracle of life into the world. If she was placed on a podium how many ticket buyers would be standing behind the velvet rope waiting in anticipation to feel the breath of someone so marvellous? I’m guessing not many, if any at all.

So on I go to mention, in the time I have been a taxi driver every bank holiday has been manic. But not last week, were people saving their money. Saving it for an event that far outclasses spending time and socialising with people in the community.

Yes they were, step in a ‘celebrity’ the aforementioned Fabrizio Santino he has the power to bring people out in their droves. Good business for me, but you have to ask yourself………..

Does it take the onset of a celebrity to keep our communities going and tear people away from settling for the 97p a can lager from the local supermarket?

Political/Social poetry or Spoken word?  You decide!

Just something new that I’m trying if i told you I was an expert to you I’d be lying There are many things that upset me many things on my mind so I try to express them as relief from the grind.
I’m here to point out the things that I see, the benefit is my mind is set free you may not listen or agree with the things that I say, but I’ll go on with my work that warrants my pay.
political views are a matter of course, but just like the government we all have our flaws.
I have had words in my head for a while and since I been reading about the psychology of the mind and positive thinking I have required a slight knack of seeing through rubbish that most people say. How do I express that, sometimes I don’t know. I don’t want to get into the whole conspiracy subject, while info wars.com is a great source of info I don’t want to be held accountable for altering people’s thoughts or being a bit controversial……not yet anyway…..lol. The reason why I started the whole BRAINFOOD thing is just to get people thinking, by no means am I a revolutionary. I just like freeing my mind of information and opinions to make room for more.
This video is something I have put together, I have loads more verses where this came from just not done anything with them but I wanted to. I once heard “if you want to sing, write a book, or anything else do it because you want to and it makes you happy” so that is what I have done.
Hopefully people will like what I have done, will do, and maybe it will make them think. Who knows? Below is the link to the video feel free to share it, comment on it. And let me know.
 WHY I DON’T VOTE (video) call it political poetry, spoken word? I don’t know I’ll let you guys decide.
 Thank you and much love to you.