Imagine if you will a day out with the family. Let’s say a theme park, what have you got in your pockets guys? Keys? Money? Phone? Maybe other sorts of Nick knacks that put holes in your pockets! Get on a ride with the kids, give all your stuff to the Mrs. watch her turn into a circus act as she tries to juggle all the stuff you just chucked in her hands in a bid to make it to the ride before the kids.
This is something i used to do, I experienced all that and more. As a taxi driver I have to carry something to put all that in anyway. I don’t know a taxi driver that don’t. That’s why it’s OK guys to carry ( as my other half would indicate) a MAN BAG! It’s OK to carry one, not a handbag that’s all pink and fluffy and screaming that you may or may not be in touch with your feminine side. But a bag that says ‘yeah I got stuff and I’m comfortable keeping it all together, I’m not bothered what people think’.

So below you will find a picture of what’s in my bag. This stuff goes with me everywhere, and guess what? No holes in my pockets fellas, the big blue square by the way is my battery back up. Let me tell you that has helped me out a few times and probably was the best £25 i have spent in a long time. 4 full charges on an iPhone, you can’t go wrong, there is also a camera that i keep in my bag a simple point and shoot. Obviously that’s what took the picture, so that’s not IN the picture……(i think you get the picture!…….don’t ya?

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Various items of clutter, i just can not do without.



Some of this stuff I don’t need every day, like the earplugs but we all have a CRAP draw don’t we? And you have to start thinking like INDIANA JONES to be able to find anything in there. So I just keep them in my bag then I know exactly where they are. The earplugs by the way, they are for me on a Sunday after a night shift. When you have a house that has 3 other females in, getting it quiet on a Sunday morning is a near impossibility.


There are so many designer bags out there now aimed at men. Mine is quite small, but then I have to have at my side in a taxi. There are so, so many bags out there that have more room than a case. For me, I just don’t have that much STUFF. I must admit I do like the thought of a messenger bag, but it has to be completely right. I do like carry notebooks but trying to find one, and find one that fits in the bag I have now is a near impossibility.

So go for it guys and don’t be shy. Once you start using a bag and keeping all your stuff in it, trust me you will never be without it.

Any guys out there have one? Lets get together and comment and compare STUFF. Don’t be shy guys

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Valentines day, it’s always hard to know what to buy. It can be even harder to buy something different and adventurous every year. Sure you can buy the rudimentary bunch of roses and dinner, but doing something different is where memories are created. This is where the gift always gets remembered.

One online store springs to mind, one that I have purchased items from in the past, it is a go to place for the unusual.

Not on the high street ,they have some of the best gifts and original idea gifts I’ve seen in a long time. Ladies and gentlemen you each have a list of 5 gifts for you to choose from that I have compiled. Take your pick (or just completely disregard it if you want) impress and then stand back and watch the explosion of excitement.



                                                                     Story of us print £28

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I happen to think this is amazing, Hang this on your wall and you have
instant memories every time you walk past it. A pure conversation piece
when someone wants to know your story. This will provoke memories for
generations, imagine the thoughts when the children look back at this as well.
And Guys just imagine if you get all the details right!


                                                   Jukebox song print  £39                                     

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I love this not only cause is a memory set in stone, but it may well be the most important song of your life. This to me signifies the importance of the day (wedding). It signifies love much more than a bunch of flowers I  feel. Gifts like this can be passed on, it’s a memory that lasts for generations.


Date night token box £17:50

Date night token box
We have ‘date nights’ and this is ideal if you can never decide. The thought of all the nights and future treats should start the emotions flowing. This way you don’t get caught in a rut by going to the same place and doing the same thing on future date nights.


Cuddle ring £45

Sterling silver cuddle ring
Symbolizing a cuddle from you 24hrs a day. What better way to sub-consciously tell her that you are always with her. Wrapping your arms around her offering her comfort and security. EVERY TIME she looks at it she will think about the cuddle she will come home to. It comes with a personalized note and both names can be stamped inside the ring.


William Blake infinity ring £12

Infinity ring
What better way to cement your love to infinity and beyond. Show her that you are not going anywhere, there are many more valentines days to come and each one will be great. This comes in silver plated and rose gold. Along with a quote from the poet WILLIAM BLAKE.





I wanted to include general gifts in this post, ones that you can buy at anytime. I have said on my twitter feed “Why do we have to have a day to prove that we love someone”. Every day is a chance to do that, and everyday is a chance to but your loved one a gift as such as this. These gifts were taken form the online site NOT ON THE HIGH STREET. I love this site and have bought from here before, and maybe you will too.


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