The return of……me!

I have been poorly the last few weeks, aches and pains and with that comes the busyness of work. For taxi drivers the bank holiday weekend, any bank holiday calendar event is exceptionally busy. I haven’t posted for a while on this blog, yeah I know it’s only just over a week. But that can be considered, in this field at least, a long time.

In our house we are pretty much positive 95% of the time, I have little habits and affirmations that keep me in the right mind set. However, sometimes they do fall by the wayside. Sometimes through being busy and sometimes……….and this did occur to me the other day. Sometimes through emmbarssment, yes embarrassment. Some of the things I do to keep me positive are very private, partly because of the peace and quiet I need to do them.

But that’s just it, why do we get embarrassed about things like that? If these little habits that you have in your life bring your family the life you think they deserve, the prosperity they deserve who cares what people think. When we have someone to answer to though its almost ingrained in us to uphold a habit. Going out in the morning and answering to your fitness instructor, your dietician or even your spouse when asked to do a daily chore. You need to put something in place that almost marches you from your bed, drags you by the scruff and makes sure you get it done. Vloggers are a prime example: churning out footage on a duly or weekly basis, keeping viewers happy and if you miss an upload they will let you know.

I have tried for a few months to get a routine going for my blog, there is always something that gets in the way, or is there? Part of what I believe in is, you create your own life depending on the decisions you make. My decision is not to manage my time better, it’s not managing the tasks its managing the time. But again when you have to answer to someone its easier to control and commit, even if that answer lays in the hands of social media. YouTube, Twitter and even Facebook, these are great tools if they are used properly. You wouldn’t use a spanner to hang a picture on the wall.

At this moment in time I don’t know what the answer is, I have a goal card I Carry with me and that does get some usage. I am on my second one now as I have worn the plastic away on the previous one. But the other habits? I just have to keep going…….and maybe come up with a driving force that gives my desire a little nudge sometimes. What that is? I’m sure the answer will be clear soon enough!

As with a scedule for my blog? It’s coming I’m sure, when? I don’t know. The other habits? Practice, plain old fashion practice.

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