Oven’s, the outlet for culinary creativity! Well, until they go wrong that is, that’s what’s happened to ours. Imagine coming in late from work, thanking your other half for preparing you dinner for getting in late. You turn on the oven to warm it up…….


The electric box trips and you are left in complete darkness. We now don’t have an oven to cook in and need to get a new one……….We are at a stage now where we cant cook an elaborate dinner…….or so you would think!

The key to success

That’s where this bad boy comes in.

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I can not recommend these enough, turn the timer for the desired time then the temperature and you have instant heat. No warming period, no preheating. BOOM, direct heat straight away and you can cook anything in them and I mean anything. They are also easy to clean, fill the kettle pour all of the boiled water in the halogen. Squirt a generous portion of washing liquid and use the self clean function. After 10 mins pour it all out, give it a wipe and your ready to go again.

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I would strongly recommend getting one with what they call, an ‘extension ring’. No it’s not some kind of marital device that comes free, it allows you to create more space. You place it on top of the bowl, lift the cooking lid and close on top of the ring. This allows more space and the ability to ‘stack’ the foods you are cooking.

A practice far removed from Italy 

Don’t do what my step son did………

H. How do you do the time for this halogen? The pizza box says 15 mins but it’s blitzed it on 5

Me. I don’t know, it’s never done that before. If you get another one to do just keep an eye on it.

We later found out that he sacked 2 pizzas but didn’t put the extension ring on. The heating element was no more than a few inches away from the pizza. Effectively GRILLING the pizza! 🙄 Less said the better I think, apart from that they are something that I recommend in any kitchen. And doing a joint in there, well it comes out so succulent words actually fail me.

When you buy one you get a small round tray, a rack and a little lifting device. The rack can be placed in to either grill food (but not pizza) or upturn it to ‘oven’ cook the food. I cooked ‘slimming world’ roast potatoes in it, I have to say they were so so nice.

So……get yourself one, you won’t regret it. Having said that I still want my oven back.

However……now we have over used it due to not having a proper oven, our halogen has also now failed! This post ends here, head in my hands with a groan that would wake sleeping beauty.

What cooking gadgets have you got in your kitchen? Which one do you swear by?

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