It has been said by Outspoken mp Dennis skinner that David Cameron has done more to divide this nation than any other prime minister in history. Certainly this could be seen as true on the debating of brexit and the in campaign. And with a time now, that we all should be united over the corruption of the Tories, now we have another force trying to divide our nation.

We are now at a stage when far right groups in the country are now jumping on the bandwagon if dividing the country. One group in particular stating that they denounce democratically elected Muslims as occupiers who are trying to take over our political system.
Considering the definition of occupier is and I quote
A member of a group that takes POSSESSION of a country by force. Now as seen as they were elected in I’m not sure if that actually constitutes as force…………..I might be wrong
They also stated that people should stand by for a flurry of direct operations with threats of violence and harassment. Seem strange doesn’t it that these groups seem to be aimed at a better Britain but don’t seem geared toward outing a corrupt government. Threatening politicians in their personal life which in turn creates fear and intimidation and feeling the already raging fire of racism. I say again with the use of fear, but doesn’t the government do this, Didn’t David Cameron do this over the Third World War claim the n brexit.

So what makes these groups better than an already over corrupt governments? Is it really in face making a better britain? I question these tactics.
When this group in particular is mentioned

if you can not see this image please chacek your settings
We glance opened mouthed and say how appalled we are at their past history and actions, that said you wouldn’t associate this group with Christians so why should be tarnish honest Muslims with this nasty group. We also hear comments from Islamic groups like this below and they are seen as terrorists…….need I comment further on that?

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Far right groups are creating the divide as is the government, taking to the streets in threatening behaviour but this is what the government want. We are now taking our eyes of the prize and this is distracting us from what is really out there.
Tarnishing a religion with the same views as the minority in my view is wrong. This kind of behaviour should worry us and worry us a lot. The far right groups against Muslims are insinuating that we are being over run and our country is being ‘occupied’ by Muslims.

It was stated on a Facebook page of a far right group that by 2050 this country will be FULL of Muslims

Now bear in mind that as of 2011 the percentage of Muslims for the entire population stood at 4.5 %
However take London for example, In some parts of London half the population of the city are now Muslims.

But, take a look at this graphic

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The numbers look quite high and they could to some appear worrying, But if you do the math, over the past 25 years this equates to

1,576 Muslims per week either through birth of immigration

Which is a figure that could appear to be less worrying, if you are in fact worrying. So Muslims are not exactly taking over!

Now go back to the Paris terrorist attacks and a far right group held a national conference in Sheffield where they passed a policy to ban the religion Islam within the United Kingdom and all its associated practices.
There is evidence that the KKK is practicing in the uk with news reports documenting the name Christian identity. So should we be having a conference to ban this religion as well as its associated practices. Everyone in this country has and should have to right to demonstrate. But when it starts to get less than peaceful it becomes a problem, And I’m talking about both sides.

There has been at the beginning of the year a backlash against what some Muslims see as islamaphobic stigmatism. Many have campaigned against the governments ‘prevent’ agenda which calls on communities to report suspected terrorist sympathisers. But we have the right to know if there are extremists dangerous to the society we live in.
In my view Muslims may not be doing themselves any favours by going against this, why wouldn’t you out someone of this mindset. Former equalities chief Trevor Phillips sparked outrage some time ago by stating:

Some Muslims will ALWAYS remain apart saying ‘it may be that they see the world differently to the rest of us

Quite a bold statement, but I know I see the world differently to some we all do don’t we? I don’t support or condone any extremists views of any kind no matter which group they come from. But also worries me is we are taking our eye of the prize.

These groups on both side are so pre occupied with fighting against each other we are forgetting the corrupt government and fishing out the extremists for these groups and holding them up for what they Are.
We should be trying to end terrorism in all its outlets and again the includes the governments as well. Not just members of factions like Isis.


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How to start the morning positively


Many of us wake up groggy with the lack of sleep still lingering. We want peace and quiet but we just can’t get it, if you live in a big city the hum of the traffic just does not stop. We all have morning habits that seem to get us going, coffee being one of them for most people. But is it the coffee? Or the idea of having the coffee? Our minds become filled with the day to day hustle and bustle tasks. That’s why it appears as though time goes quickly, we become distracted and then start to focus on the negative. Start worrying about the bills, where the money is coming from to pay them so we miss the sweet smell of life and what we have. Focus on the good and we tend to see more of what we focus on, a bit like studying for an exam.


Being thankful for something in your life is always a plus, you feel good about having that in your life. Imagine if you will the dishes, doing the dishes and letting your partner do them. Most people do in fact like to make other people feel good, being grateful for your partner doing the dishes makes them feel good because they made you feel good. I’m not just saying just be thankful “thanks for doing the washing up sweet”. No I mean grateful really thankful, you then go on to reciprocate the action. To reinforce this write down what you are grateful for, the brain recognises the pen strokes and the action of you FOCUSING on the good. We all should say thank you more, how many times do you put your hand up to another driver when they let you pass? Makes you feel good when someone does it to you doesn’t it?

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My Gratitude journal


So here are a few things that get me in a positive vibe for the day ahead, and I do them everyday mostly in the morning before I even start getting ready for work.

  1. I keep a gratitude journal, I have a goal and I use it as an affirmation and I write it at the top of the page everyday. I then list 10 things that I am grateful for either from the day before, the hours I have been awake already (a cuddle from the wife as you leave the bed) or the things that I know I have coming up.
  2. Now, I have a book a favourite book that I read a section of everyday. I was introduced to it a few years ago and it keeps me positive THINK AND GROW RICH: Napoleon Hill. It is about keeping the mind positive and having faith in yourself, something some of us just don’t have and we are all actually quite amazing in our own way.
  3. Excercise is important you can’t have a healthy mind if you don’t have a heathy vessel in which to keep that mind. It keeps you alert and in many cases stops you from getting tired. You can quite literally obtain more energy from expelling some energy.


We all work hard everyday, we are all working towards something no matter how big or small that may be. So we all need a bit of time out and we need to spoil ourselves, let ourselves realise how special we are. Eliminate the bad thoughts and encourage to good thoughts. Take time to chill out in the morning, waking up late and being disorganised quite often determines the sort of day you are going to have. We all deserve to make time for ourselves and appreciate ourselves, if we can’t learn that then how can we learn to appreciate others. Each and every one of us deserve to have the best that we can in our lives, every positive thing that brings good things has to be the right decision right? Believe it or not the list of things that I have put down here, actually does make you feel good does make you feel that positive vibe. I was sceptical when I first started trying it, but it does actually work. There are many expensive gratitude journals out there that you can buy, but I don’t think you need to. Me? I just bought a cheap note book and placed a cover on it with a design that I liked, to me it was more personal it meant more. It would encourage me to continue with the habit on a more permenenat basis, once the habit becomes ingrained you do it without thinking.


Try out this small list of tips, try it for a couple of weeks. Even better try if for a month, see what happens and what benefits it may and can bring you. Remember this blog and after if you take up the challenge, come back comment and let me know how you go.

Tony Martin brainfood

12 Months To Christmas!

I have not posted for a while it has been Christmas after all! It’s the new year and I plan to take blogging and my new YOUTUBE CHANNEL a little bit more serious. With all the chocolates I have eaten I could have opened a sweet shop. We have been on a eating plan for the last 6-7 months and have lost about 3st 4lb, so I’m not too worried if I put a couple back on. Christmas is always good in our house and always exciting as we have two girls in our house and they are at an age when they can express the appreciation for what they get. This year, gone was the slaving away in the kitchen for hours on end we decided very early on this year that we were going to eat out.

cat and fid
We had to book early, just a short walk from our house

It was ok but as I said we were not really paying for the meal, look at it from a different angle and we were paying for QT with the kids. We were not stuck in the kitchen for god knows how long, arguing about how thick the gravy is. I always say jokingly after the girls have opened their present’s “That’s it got to wait another twelve months to open some more”. And whilst that is true it is always good to look forward to a new year. With a new year comes new goals and new ambitions, and the ones we have in store are plenty including a secret holiday for our girls. At the moment our house looks like a war-torn street in Beirut, I like a tidy stress free house. I like a house to look like it is lived in not quite clinical so for me the quicker the decorations now go away the better, but that involves doing some gymnastics against the hallway wall as some one else has our ladders.


not our house but very close!
not our house but very close!

It is amazing to me how many people spend a fortune on wrapping paper for it only to be ripped, torn and thrown away. “Well it makes the present look better”. Really! I mean really! We are always told to never judge a book by its cover so, behold the looks when the wrapping is sometimes worth more than the present inside. This exact thing happened to me the present was celebrated, held aloft in all its glory for months but the details of its contents were never divulged. Then it was given to me! I am a very lucky guy in my life and I am grateful everyday, my gratitude journal will tell you so. But I think you can kind of tell the rest for yourself, I once got a musical tie from someone I bought perfume for every year £60+ then one year they returned the gesture. Where is the tie now? I have not a clue. Today is a day off to try to treat our house to some TLC, we have a new vacuum which today will get a good battering. I have one question, why when you take your decorations down the room always instantly looks bare? No doubt for years you have always admired the look of the living room, even more so if you have just decorated. But once the tree is down it doesn’t look the same, and it takes some getting used to.

We have other things to do!

  1. Our patio doors are broke
  2. Our toilet does not flush properly
  3. And we need to remove a sofa from the living room

These have happened in a very short space of time, very short so we have our hands full with all the other goals we have put in place. Am I looking forward to it? Yeah why not, why wouldn’t I there is much to do. Am I watching the Christmas clock in anticipation for the next one? ERM….. no is the answer we have much to do first!


Is there anything you have set down in the new year? Are there any jobs around the house that need doing? Have you bought presents already in the any sales? Let me know, you may even have tips on how to fix patio doors!

Tony (1)


Now……we always buy Christmas decorations every year, the collection is always building. In my view you can never have too many fairy lights, imagine if you will the house from NATIONAL LAMPOONS CHRISTMAS VACATION. Yep…..that’s me but am I allowed, no! I am never by confirmation of my partner allowed to be left alone to put the Christmas decorations up. I went into our loft last year and found some that someone had left behind. A GREEK TAVERNER the MRS said, too many lights the MRS said, for me I was in my element. For our two young daughters to say the same, I have to admit the point was taken digested and a new approach administered this year.

This year we have opted for gold and purple, purple being her favourite colour of course. There are many shops on the high street that do a great selection, some expensive and good quality if your budget can accommodate this. The ones we have are from a chain of stores that some may never have heard of B & M.

Baubles at £8.00 good quality if you are watching the pennies at Christmas
Baubles at £8.00 good quality if you are watching the pennies at Christmas

They have a wide range of shapes and colours and if you are watching the pennies at Christmas this is a great way to budget.

Smal baubles at £3 for two
Small baubles at £3 for two

At Christmas many of us whip out the plastic and end up still paying for Christmas into the new year. With the added worry and stress of anticipation of the forthcoming bills.  With prices like this you could go as far as changing your colour scheme every year. Adding a bit of variety into the mix.

Combine colours at £3 for two
Combine colours at £3 for two

I for one was obsessed about Christmas trees, we don’t tend to have a real one in our house but it has taken a few years to find one that has a fuller spread like ours. We are yet to find a new garland for our fire surround and no doubt we will find one soon. I highly recommend the cheaper stores for decorations if they have what you want. Money saved on decorating can of course be spent on presents for the kids and family that come round. It was reminded to me this morning that THE RANGE also do a good selection of decorations if you are on a budget. We tend to stick to a budget on decorations and go crazy with everything else. Money spent on all the nibbles and treats that we get. Creating memories that last the entirety of next year whilst the decorations are placed away to gather dust until the next celebration.

It would be interesting to find out what colour scheme you guys are choosing this year.  LET ME KNOW AND COMMENT BELOW.

You never know I may well get some ideas so I don’t get into trouble anymore 😉.



My favourite Christmas song.

We all know about Christmas songs and the impact they have on family gatherings at this time of year. We walk through shopping malls, hear the slight ringing of bells in a song cascading the space that surrounds us. Rolling our eyes back and declaring to the person we are with ” what! They are playing Christmas songs already”. Every now and again though one comes along that gets to us, stirs up memories of days gone by when the house was filled with family. All sat round a dinner table laughing and feeling the emotion of complete love and happiness that we are all together.

I was listening to a song last night and yes once again it got to me, now this song always does and to this day I don’t know why. Maybe I heard it as a child when mum used to put Christmas songs on in the background. Subconsciously it takes me back to that time, that time when I felt safe and loved by the person who brought me into this world. The person that taught me to be who I am, to be honest I don’t really know why it gets to me but it does. There are other songs that I like……………..


Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
The smooth voice of the good old Nat is a symbol of Christmas almost, it conjures up the picture of nan speaking to the kids sat on the floor. Telling them stories of embarrassing moments that adults went through when they were young. Alcohol flowing food being devoured, emotional spirits running high sooner or later an adult will embark on putting the traditional Noddy holder.

Merry Christmas everyone
Merry Christmas everyone
Granddad’s, dads and uncles jumping, knees in the air in a alcohol infused Christmas chant with a scream at the end “ITS CHRISTMAS”. For me as good as this particular song is, it doesn’t stir up the sentimental thoughts of Christmas. One song and one song only takes me back to days gone by. It takes me back to a time when we all used to be sat round a table, the whole family together laughing and joking you could feel the love in the air. It always wells me up and I don’t know why even to this day. Nan sitting on her sofa telling us things about the adults when they were young, things I don’t think we should have known about but funny all the same. There is a speech at the start of the song and that IS Christmas at least for me. My partner said last night ” should be like that all the time” and she is right. But it’s not and in truth, I don’t think it ever will be. But on Christmas Day, the only time when peace is the true ruler.

MY FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONG……….I’ll leave you in the capable hands of JOHNNY MATHIS……..when a child is born.

Comment and let me know what YOUR favourite Christmas song is.

Merry Christmas everyone……love to you all XxX



So…..it is upon us again! Don’t you just love it? Well not everyone, I did something this morning that was completely out of character and I slept in slightly. WHAT! Is the word I hear being thrown at my face like a brick being hurled from protesters outside westminister. My other half has returned from a rather bleak and congested M1, “oh right, had a cheeky lay in did we”. You bet ya bottom dollar I did.

That said shouldn’t we love Mondays? Shouldn’t we welcome it with open arms? It is a day we can plan, ponder and take action for the week ahead. Take shopping for example and a shopping list, that’s what we do. Every Monday we take pen to paper and write out the groceries that we need but not before we plan our meals for the entire week. It has been said to me before ” but there is no supprise then, you know what you are having”. But that’s the great thing it’s something to look forward to, you know it’s coming and trust me when it’s your favourite meal (bangers and mash just like mum used to make) you still get an element of hungry excitement. Plan the chores which we did yesterday, both my self and my very own effigy of superwoman did this yesterday. We both work full time so sometimes it can be hard to fit in the chores. Our house does not in any way resemble a house set from some over priced over indulgent house set from a home show. Our living room currently looks like a film setting of a shack in FULL METAL JACKET but we made the plans to get it sorted. I always make the joke ” it looks like someone has thrown in a greanade and shut the door”.

Plans and the management of them are in my expireience the best way to get things done. You work your way through the list, same as you would through life I guess. You plan a holiday, you plan your work schedule and most of us plan meetings which my other half has done for later today. That’s exactly what a goal is it’s a plan, a plan to obtain what you want to achieve. We all plan blog posts, and video uploads don’t we? There are many out there that call today MOTIVATION MONDAY but I think you need a plan to motivate “right I’m going to do this today, I’m going to put on some music watch a motivational video (I do this) and get going”. That’s a plan isn’t it? And a series of plans (a to do list) is managing your tasks isn’t it? Notice there I didn’t say time, this can’t be managed plan, plan, and plan some more. I too fall prey to procrastination sometimes it can be hard to stay focused 100% of the time. But you pick yourself up dust yourself down, give a two fingered salute to the world list in hand and declare ” I got my list I got my life and I’m off, off to set out what I want to do”. And at the end of the day declare to yourself, pat yourself on the back ” yeah I did it I managed Monday well I did what I set out to do, now for the rest of the week I got you by the throat”.

MANAGEMENT MONDAY is something I might just make a thing of, I will plan today and the week then next week on Monday I’ll show you what I mean (if your interested 😉) I may well even stretch that to a video. Peace and quiet permitting, dog barking, daughters arguing or some realty show blasting from the boom box sound bar we have just invested in. A day off on a Monday for me isn’t always that, my Monday quite often isn’t the day of its namesake. So I’ll this post here………broom in hand, polish in back pocket and marigolds stretched and slapped to my hands I’m on a mission. Not to the moon, but that’s where I’m sending the untidiness of our domain……yes to the moon lets just hope it doesn’t come back.


Be Amazing


TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN!…….oh and woman.

I have taken time out from this blog recently and have not posted as much as I used to or indeed as much as I should I guess. I have had other things personally to contend with, and other media platforms that I have been concentrating on. I always feel that people who have blogs, ‘vlog’ channels or otherwise always feel forced to do something interesting that they wouldn’t normally do, just so they have something to say. I don’t! I will only blog and ‘vlog’ if what is on my mind dictates me to, that said I am now gearing towards the feeling that I want to do it everyday. But is there enough time in the day to do that? Creativity comes in many forms and just as other things can, being creative can tire you out. Is my life really that exciting that I blog and ‘vlog’ everyday?  Does it become a factor of quantity rather than quality?

Earl nightingale once stated that ‘he doesn’t manage time he manages tasks’. You create a list of things you need to do during the day and slowly but surely you work through them until they are all crossed off. Time in itself, as we know it is man made it is a way to explain away the period of the day the change of light into dark. It is something of a programme that we use to enable our body and soul to rest.


It doesn’t say to you, I’ll wait just until you have done that because that is really important you MUST get that done as soon as. I do sometimes have to force myself to get things done, as there are distractions that come along on a daily basis. THERE ARE 86,400 seconds in a day, and we should be making everyone of these count. Or should we? What is regarded as a waste of time by others may well be deemed as a lifetime achievement by the one taking part in the process. I was once told ‘ it is never a waste of time if you love what you are doing’. We are always seeing nowadays these ‘amazing’ people fitting so much into their day that some of us wish we had a life like that and go out purposefully to fit in amazing things. Things we don’t ordinarily do, even if we like them or not we do them because someone else might find it interesting to watch. Our lifetime can sometimes pass in the blink of an eye, have you heard people or even yourself say “blimey this week has gone so quick”. You look round and realise in your own opinion, you really haven’t got much done in the way of tasks. Again time isn’t going to wait for you the voice of time will speak up and rear its head sometimes “I’m on my way mate you better get yourself sorted”. We all live life to the best that we think it is and no one should be making judgments as to what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Time gone by can quite often be apparent on the visual effects of someone’s face, but each line and wrinkle is a story. Most things have a deadline and quite often these deadlines bring stress in the form of illness when they cannot always be met, and we beat ourselves up over it. And this shouldn’t be the case, I’m not saying it doesn’t happen and deadlines are not important. What I am saying is time is simply a motion that we can’t control, so why not control what we do in the time that we have. Planning is a great weapon for that, a lot can be said for pre-planning your day.

I have experimented with this, I recently started to write out a list of what I had to do the next day and every time I managed to get everything done. I have to say they were days that were completely  full, I was focused on the task in hand rather than FOCUSING on the fact that time was my enemy. Having now said that I really need to take up this practice and run with it. Don’t focus on time with regards to loved ones, quite often you will see close friends and family together doing this. When holidays ar days out are in full swing often you will hear the comment “come one we have only got a couple of hours”. The quality of what you are doing sometimes then gets blurred and you miss things out. Breathe deeply, sigh and feel blessed by the ones that you are in company with. Sometime when things are done in a relaxed pace you may well find that you get more done.


But in the race of life there isn’t no way I’m  going to come second.


Emotions of an excited child: or am I too old?

Sat here in my taxi doing a nightshift, the pull and longing for a warm bed and tea is ever increasing. But here I must stay the need for pleasure tokens is far greater. The excitement however is building because in a few hours I’ll be winging my way to London. Lunch, dinner and other nicetys are planned with the indulgence of food.

But that’s not a wrong thing right? My family has always been dotted here and there living in different places. With busy lives it’s not always easy to meet up. With that in mind the thoughts of loved ones are never far away. I am actually not just looking forward to going but I am excited. Sleeping over has not been done for a while, a chance to relax and unwind. It’s always good to be around people that help recharge your ‘batteries’. Head shaken, shoulders ruffeled and focus realigned you are once again ready to go.

If they are family and close friends the energy hits the roof, happy again that the emotions escalate to highs that were there weeks ago. A phone call away is true but seeing in the flesh is a view most welcomed. Gone are the days when we all used to sit around my nan’s table at Christmas having dinner. All fighting to pull each other’s cracker for the plastic toy or throw away gimmick inside. Gone are the days when family visit each other at least once a week. We get tied up to the ball and chain of life, dragging behind us the woes of everyday. Residing in dealing with stuff ourself rather than call a loved one for a drug free pick me up.

Spending time with loved ones is a must, it is a nececity especially if you want to remain positive.

Too old to be excited? Never in a million years, excitement replenishes the soul. Combined with love, the soul knows no limits.

TRAGEDY: it can make or break you (final part)

You have to gain comfort from the fact that you have come out the other side. I still have loved ones around me and many more have come back into my life. I believe that people come into your life for a reason, almost as though they are sent to show you the way.

I have learnt to come to terms with what has happened all them years ago and accept it, not to let it get the better of me as it once did. Doing these posts has almost been therapeutic it’s made me realise how I actually think about it and how I approached it all them years ago. Details of my thoughts can quite often go UN heard or missed and I actually think that sometimes in your life you do need to off load.

Empty your mind and allow the good stuff to flow.

My mum died at the hands of my dad. whether it’s right or wrong to think in such a way……..there was a good man in there before the event.

THE RED CUP: The holy grail of bull@#%t

Seriously what is all the fuss about? It just doesn’t make sense,even stars on Twitter have come out complaining. Is it a great marketing coo maybe? It begins to make me think that we are missing the point to everything that is going on around us. It has been said that the removal of Christmas designs from the cup is a sign that Starbucks hate Jesus? “Hello, I’m over here everybody look this way I’m waving the religious card”. Religion is a great argument starter and whilst I’m sure it’s not intentional the point is there to be made. You could ask yourselves is it a ploy to in fact buy more substantial reusable travel cups with designs at a later date? Who knows but then again who cares? Surely what matters more is the nectar that is contained within, that is the purpose you went into to the power that is  Starbucks.

Many christens have come out on Twitter stating” I don’t care, it is after all a cup you throw away after 30 mins”. Or is it? Are there many amongst us that have a collection of throw away cups with designs on only then to be cast into the abyss when you move house, thus forgetting all about complaint a year before they may have started reinstating the designs. I like to look at this way the baristas have taken time out to train to make me the perfect coffee, I take gratitude in that. Am I going to pay attention to what’s on the cup? No! All over town soon you will see people with coffee stains down their chest, lifting the cup up to see the design whilst it is still full only to be met with a niagra fall like leakage of which you can’t stop once it starts. Starbucks make good coffee and you get what you pay for, would you pay the same if they just gave you a empty cup only to be met with ” well it has a design on this one sir”. No you want the coffee you want to savour the coffee, so the Coffee is now the important thing so does the design still matter? Rest assured people will still be shouting and complaining across the counter ” WHERE IS MY DESIGN I MUST HAVE MY DESIGN”

I relish the day when I am in a Starbucks when th barista leans across the counter and quietly says……..

Don’t worry sir, wake up and smell the coffee
It is goooooooooooood!!!!!!!

Be Amazing XxX