#childrenineedfloral campaign for Sir Terry

Now I don’t watch the news and I don’t read newspapers, but when I found out about the late great Sir. Terry Wogan I was gutted I genuinely was. Having children in need without Sir Terry is like having the Wimbledon traditional strawbs without the cream. A few legends have parted us recently DAVID BOWIE, ALAN RICKMAN, to name but a few. But with Sir Terry there is now a gap in the realm of entertainment.

The silky, calming and meditative voice of the Knight is no more a part of our airwaves and certainly not part of the main thing that pulls this country together namely CHILDREN IN NEED. I remember well coming back from my nan’s and settling down with a sarnie and cake brought back, turning on the box to another BLANKETY BLANK. The stick thin microphone was like something from the future that far exceeded the look of its time.

I for one will miss the big guys dominance on the visual tube of fundraising, for 7 hours once a year he brought our nation together. I watched the one show tonight, now I am not familiar with the The floral dance but I heard the instrumental. Now I had to search for it on you tube, listened to terry sing it and loved it.

What fitting tribute I THINK if we all get behind this song and let Sir Terry bring us together once again as a nation and campaign for this song to be re-released and all proceeds go to children in need. I like to think without even know the great man, that he would be smiling nodding his head and acknowledging the fact that as a nation we have triumphed again.

As the title of this post suggests I have created a hash tag for all of us to get behind it. I leave you with the great Sir Terry Wogan.

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