Men’s wallet card insert £18

normal_personalised-copper-gift-card-anniversaryThis is a nice touch it is something to keep and something he can look at whenever he wants. If you have a see through window on your wallet, this is even better it can be seen as soon as you open your wallet.

men’s personalized clasp bracelet £24


I actually have one of these and i love it, this one can be engraved so that
is an added bonus. These are not too tight and they look good with anything.

Smartphone projector £16.95

normal_smartphone-projectorEvery guy is a self confessed gadget freak and this is no exception. You put it together yourself it works with most phones
and projects it onto a wall. Bringing the cinema to your own home.

Skeleton pocket watch £49.99

normal_personalised-skeleton-mechanical-pocket-watchNow i have always wanted one of these, i happen to think
that this is quite stylish. Bring back the days when men were gentlemen, this would look good with any suit and would
spark many conversation.

reasons i love you notes £13

normal_personalised-reasons-i-love-you-notesLast but not least, again focusing on the positives of
the man in your life. Forget the habits and concentrate on the good, feel free to place one on your clock. When you wake up in the morning its a great start to the day.


I wanted to include general gifts in this post, ones that you can buy at anytime. I have siad on my twitter feed “Why do we have to have a day to prove that we love someone”. Every day is a chance to do that, and everyday is a chance to but your loved one a gift as such as this. These gifts were taken form the online site NOT ON THE HIGH STREET. I love this site and have bought from here before, and maybe you will too.

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