Tony Blair, the Chilcot report and war crimes. These 3 things seem to be doing the rounds at the moment and they seem to be doing rather well together.
But there are some other underlying issues that seem to be going unnoticed and they are not being allowed to come along for the ride.

Tony Blair according to the Chilcot report has lied about the Iraq war, there does not seem to be any confusion over that. But why did he lie, and why did he favor backing bush over his own public, who are the very ones that voted him in.
Well to make some connections you have to start at the beginning, the very beginning and at that beginning is the great George dubya bush.
When bush Junior Took office it was bush senior that was a member of a company called the Carlisle group. And this company is reported to be the most politically connected private equity firm ever being made up almost entirely of ex government officials.

There was at the time major complaints about the bush family and its connections with this firm, and the complaints came way before 9/11. But skip a few years and we get to the time after 9/11. Now Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, it became known that Bush Senior was financially linked to the Bin Laden family.
The Sept 28, 2001 edition of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that, “George H.W. Bush, the father of President Bush, worked for the bin Laden family business in Saudi Arabia through the Carlyle Group, an international consulting firm.”

Remember the private plane loaded with the bin laden family, being the only one allowed to leave America at the time of the attacks.

Again according to the Wall Street journal The bin Laden firm invested $2 million in Carlyle Partners which raised a total of $1.3 billion overall. The fund purchased several aerospace companies among 29 deals. “So far, the family has received $1.3 million back in completed investments and should ultimately realize a 40% annualized rate of return,” a Carlyle executive told the WSJ at the time.

And as reported on website THE INTERNATIONAL COALITION:
On Sept 27, the WSJ said it confirmed that a meeting took place between bush Senior and the bin Laden family through bush Seniors Chief of Staff Jean Becker,
but only after the WSJ showed Becker a personal thank you note that Bush Sr. sent to the bin Ladens after the meeting.
But Here’s a little known fact that again is as reported on the international coalition website
On 9/11, Shafiq bin Laden was at a meeting in the office of the Carlyle Group, and stood watching TV as the WTC was destroyed under the instruction of his brother.

So, Carlyle had investments in 300 companies, and quite a few of them derive revenues from military and security contracts.
Carlyle was reported to be the countries 11th largest defense contractor at the time. In 2002, it received $677 million in government contracts, and in 2003, it was awarded contracts worth another $2.1 billion. So Suffice it to say Business had definitely improved for the firm when bush Junior took office. For example, one of its subsidiaries, Vought Aircraft, held over $1 billion in defense contracts.
Prior to 2001, the company’s future did not look promising and Right before 9/11, it had actually laid off 20% of its workforce.
But, lo and behold, business picked right back up with the air strikes on Afghanistan and the war in Iraq.

So now onto Tony Blair and his motives
From a report made by the telegraph newspaper as of 2008 Tony Blair was the highest paid public speaker in the world since leaving Downing Street with earnings that top £12 million
He tends to travel the world on speaking events and can command earnings from anything up to £157,000 for a mere 90 minute speech.

And that’s fine, anyone that has the ability to earn that kind of money is doing something right.
He has also made £2 million from his role with the bank of JP MORGAN, and also took £84,000 of tax payers money to run a private office.
Now here it comes, I did say didn’t I

Mr Blair has also become a favourite for a specific company, Yep the CARLYLE GROUP. As I said earlier
They are major investors in the military and its board as we may or may not know has had members from the bush family and its European chairman was Sir John Major
Now just before Tony Blair resigned from his post as PM it became known in certain circles that he had been offered a job at
Whether or not he accepted the position I don’t know I can’t seem to find information on that.

But,… is quite often the case with business men from all walks of life
Scratch my back and I will, with a fistful of dollars scratch yours.
Was Tony Blair promised this position whilst LYING to the public about the Iraq war and the fact that he would go on to be a favourite speaker of the afore-mentioned company which would lead him to earning a substantial amount of wealth as a result.

But as well as the crime that seems to be looming over his head as a result of the Chilcott report. It may be unknown to a few that he was also convicted by the Kuala Lumpur warcrimes commission
For crimes against peace following his lies in the run up to the illegal Iraq war.

As yet he has not been bought to justice over this, this might have something to do with the fact that he had a personal security force that amounted to £250,000 a year paid by the uk government.
But something else that goes in favor for Tony Blair
Being a member of the BILDERBERG GROUP
to which he denied back in 1998 when asked by Parliament if any members of his government had been members

A fellow member named him and he then admitted being a member stating that it is “a really useful group” that and Being a member of the committee of 300
Which has fellow members from the ROTHSCHILDS , Rockerfellas
And the Morgan’s banking family which Blair is an advisor as I have already said
David Cameron is also a member of the committee of 300 as was David Milliband at the time of the last election.

All in all the connections stink and they stink bad. Has Tony Blair been naughty? Yes a very naughty boy
Will he be held accountable?
With connections like the BILDERBURG group, the Carlyle group and the committee of 300
He will probably get a pat on the back and be given an island of his own.
For him to peacefully count his HARD EARNED GAINS
Every time a leader gets in and creates a government to bring in policies to make our nation great
There seems to be eventually an underlying current of corruption and lies for the betterment of their own sinister little world.

When will we have a government that actually cares about what we think
And when will we let the powers that be, know this is what we want
Until we do I think this will go on for generations to come
How do we get round this in the time being
Keep pointing out the lies
Crete your own little world where nothing impedes your ambition or growth
Until they finally realize they actually have no power of you at all
And until as a nation we ALL see them for what they really are

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It has been said by Outspoken mp Dennis skinner that David Cameron has done more to divide this nation than any other prime minister in history. Certainly this could be seen as true on the debating of brexit and the in campaign. And with a time now, that we all should be united over the corruption of the Tories, now we have another force trying to divide our nation.

We are now at a stage when far right groups in the country are now jumping on the bandwagon if dividing the country. One group in particular stating that they denounce democratically elected Muslims as occupiers who are trying to take over our political system.
Considering the definition of occupier is and I quote
A member of a group that takes POSSESSION of a country by force. Now as seen as they were elected in I’m not sure if that actually constitutes as force…………..I might be wrong
They also stated that people should stand by for a flurry of direct operations with threats of violence and harassment. Seem strange doesn’t it that these groups seem to be aimed at a better Britain but don’t seem geared toward outing a corrupt government. Threatening politicians in their personal life which in turn creates fear and intimidation and feeling the already raging fire of racism. I say again with the use of fear, but doesn’t the government do this, Didn’t David Cameron do this over the Third World War claim the n brexit.

So what makes these groups better than an already over corrupt governments? Is it really in face making a better britain? I question these tactics.
When this group in particular is mentioned

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We glance opened mouthed and say how appalled we are at their past history and actions, that said you wouldn’t associate this group with Christians so why should be tarnish honest Muslims with this nasty group. We also hear comments from Islamic groups like this below and they are seen as terrorists…….need I comment further on that?

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Far right groups are creating the divide as is the government, taking to the streets in threatening behaviour but this is what the government want. We are now taking our eyes of the prize and this is distracting us from what is really out there.
Tarnishing a religion with the same views as the minority in my view is wrong. This kind of behaviour should worry us and worry us a lot. The far right groups against Muslims are insinuating that we are being over run and our country is being ‘occupied’ by Muslims.

It was stated on a Facebook page of a far right group that by 2050 this country will be FULL of Muslims

Now bear in mind that as of 2011 the percentage of Muslims for the entire population stood at 4.5 %
However take London for example, In some parts of London half the population of the city are now Muslims.

But, take a look at this graphic

if you can not see this image please check your setiings
The numbers look quite high and they could to some appear worrying, But if you do the math, over the past 25 years this equates to

1,576 Muslims per week either through birth of immigration

Which is a figure that could appear to be less worrying, if you are in fact worrying. So Muslims are not exactly taking over!

Now go back to the Paris terrorist attacks and a far right group held a national conference in Sheffield where they passed a policy to ban the religion Islam within the United Kingdom and all its associated practices.
There is evidence that the KKK is practicing in the uk with news reports documenting the name Christian identity. So should we be having a conference to ban this religion as well as its associated practices. Everyone in this country has and should have to right to demonstrate. But when it starts to get less than peaceful it becomes a problem, And I’m talking about both sides.

There has been at the beginning of the year a backlash against what some Muslims see as islamaphobic stigmatism. Many have campaigned against the governments ‘prevent’ agenda which calls on communities to report suspected terrorist sympathisers. But we have the right to know if there are extremists dangerous to the society we live in.
In my view Muslims may not be doing themselves any favours by going against this, why wouldn’t you out someone of this mindset. Former equalities chief Trevor Phillips sparked outrage some time ago by stating:

Some Muslims will ALWAYS remain apart saying ‘it may be that they see the world differently to the rest of us

Quite a bold statement, but I know I see the world differently to some we all do don’t we? I don’t support or condone any extremists views of any kind no matter which group they come from. But also worries me is we are taking our eye of the prize.

These groups on both side are so pre occupied with fighting against each other we are forgetting the corrupt government and fishing out the extremists for these groups and holding them up for what they Are.
We should be trying to end terrorism in all its outlets and again the includes the governments as well. Not just members of factions like Isis.


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#childrenineedfloral campaign for Sir Terry

Now I don’t watch the news and I don’t read newspapers, but when I found out about the late great Sir. Terry Wogan I was gutted I genuinely was. Having children in need without Sir Terry is like having the Wimbledon traditional strawbs without the cream. A few legends have parted us recently DAVID BOWIE, ALAN RICKMAN, to name but a few. But with Sir Terry there is now a gap in the realm of entertainment.

The silky, calming and meditative voice of the Knight is no more a part of our airwaves and certainly not part of the main thing that pulls this country together namely CHILDREN IN NEED. I remember well coming back from my nan’s and settling down with a sarnie and cake brought back, turning on the box to another BLANKETY BLANK. The stick thin microphone was like something from the future that far exceeded the look of its time.

I for one will miss the big guys dominance on the visual tube of fundraising, for 7 hours once a year he brought our nation together. I watched the one show tonight, now I am not familiar with the The floral dance but I heard the instrumental. Now I had to search for it on you tube, listened to terry sing it and loved it.

What fitting tribute I THINK if we all get behind this song and let Sir Terry bring us together once again as a nation and campaign for this song to be re-released and all proceeds go to children in need. I like to think without even know the great man, that he would be smiling nodding his head and acknowledging the fact that as a nation we have triumphed again.

As the title of this post suggests I have created a hash tag for all of us to get behind it. I leave you with the great Sir Terry Wogan.

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The 5 pence carrier bag scandal!

It has been with us for a while now, and whether we like it or not it is here to stay. Yes the 5 pence we now have to pay for a bag when we are shopping. There are a few loop holes in this great vast scheme of things, one being if you buy raw meat you get a bag free! That is of course unless you place something else inside, then you have to pay. “All you have to do is put a chocolate bar in the bag and that changes the whole thing”. There was also a myth (and yes it is a myth) that you did not have to pay for a bag if it had the shop logo on it, it is deemed advertising for the company.

Two complaining ladies

I was walking through town the other day and almost bumping into them, I heard two ladies complain about the fact of paying the 5p. “No, he wouldn’t give it to me free but I told him it was law” said one. ” so he made you pay for it in the end then” and imagine my disbelief when I heard the First Ladies reply, ” yes he did, disgusting shouldn’t have to pay for it”. Now in our house 5 pence don’t normally break the bank neither does 10 or even 20p, the cost of 4 bags. Many companies have chosen to donate the money to charity, but many have not opted in for this option resulting in even more profits from the consumer.  Although they do have to declare it  to what they are doing with the money, and this will eventually be made public. It also (and I don’t know if many know this) depends on the size of the retail company, they have to charge if there is more than 250 employees (smaller companies can charge on a voluntary basis). have stated that they expect charity funds to be raised in excess of £730 million, with an overall benefit on the economy of over £780 million.

Buying out of the system

There is one sure way of getting out of paying the 5 pence, and that is buy a bag for life to which we have many in our house. Yes they cost more than the trivial 5 pence, but last longer so you are not paying out as much and last certainly longer. These bags also have more than one use other than the shopping, like carrying lunch to a picnic area on a day out. Some have designs on which would satisfy even the more fashion conscious among us, and they don’t stop the blood in your fingers tips when laden down with food.

Think of the upside

There is a good side of course to paying the 5 pence, before you start to complain about the charge, get to know the warm feeling. The warm feeling of the help you are doing to possible charities, helping promote the economy and doing good  to the land around us. For everything that seems negative there is always a plus, you just have to find it. Buying a ‘bag for life’ you get to use it for more than one purpose, a cheap bag that can be replaced easily than a high end sports bag. So before you complain, take stock and think about the good that is coming out of the charge.

Let me know what you think about the charge. Have a count up and see how many bags you have laying around. And how many ‘bags for life’ have you got?

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So with Twitter going down yesterday it appears that most of us rely on social media a lot more than we care to admit. I for one will admit that I had a slight discomforting taste in my mouth when I couldn’t send a tweet to somebody. How many of us felt like that? With social media still taking off in a big way, the world is becoming a great deal smaller in a very short space of time. Social media platforms are being created faster than pizza in a takeaway joint. Conspiracy theories will no doubt be born out of this latest crash from Twitter. And the theorists may well sound the horn of past and fouled IT Attacks from technological terrorists.

#twitterdown was trending yesterday faster than a black military chopper being reported to have crashed. Facebook itself was subject to many downfalls such as this in the past 18 months. With 1.5 billion users worldwide according to the New York Times, they were sorted within a couple of hours.


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Loading new tweets was no longer an option

For most of us Twitter is a way to get our blog posts out there, and seen by as many people as we can. Social media has also become a sounding board for many things this world has become disgruntled about. Freedom of speech has taken on a whole new meaning for some, as quite often we are reprimanded for what we may say. But it’s ok, we can say it on here many tweeters just scroll by and it will just pass by unnoticed.  For every social media platform that is born there is an app, and our phones become crammed with them. A way to spend our time, but is it distracting us from what is really going on?

I was shocked by how I felt when I couldn’t post no tweets. I’m new to blogging but I love it. It’s a creativity that I didn’t know I had. But the fact that some of us rely on social media as much as we do is scary. Different words will cleverly be used but ‘worldwide disruption’ leaves me staggered. Will I change? Proberbly not,  I may well forget about it tomorrow or until the next time.

So……on we go taking our time up by checking our phones every 15 minutes to see if the numbers have grown. Rushing home because we have a few blog ideas that we need to get out there. Social media good or bad?……I love it!

What social media are you on? What management apps do you use? And how often are you ON social media sites? Comment below and let us know.


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SUPERMARKETS: A new breed of human farms?

It occurred to me today when I was shopping in Tescos-which does not happen very often-that I realise what we actually might be. I know we are humans and I know each and every one of us are amazing in our own right, we are a mass of energy that we can, with some practice learn to control to put ourself in a positive attitude. But what I mean is and what I am referring to are the aisles that are placed in uniform order for us to walk along to pick our produce almost in a state of ‘grazing’. Which brings me to the point I am trying to make, take a look at the picture below I mean really look at it.

Now I know it’s not an identical match to the supermarkets, but it made me think as I was sitting there waiting for my daughter to put some pocket money treats through. Are we like cattle, like sheep going up and down feeding from the straw laden cages taking a bit from the food that is most on show or the ‘nubbing’ that catches our eye. We are then met by the farmer (cashier) to be ushered through the gateway and out of the exit. As humans at least we get to go away feed our stomachs at our own pace, but like cattle (they get to feed from the off) we then have to work for our pay. Cows in field chewing the cud, us slogging away at our jobs bringing in the profits for the person above us. The cattle produce milk and meat we produce hard work and results and then the cycle begins again. Once a week we (and cattle) go to the barn (supermarket) to feed fill our stomachs so we have the sustenance to repeat the process. So how do we break away from this? is a good question.

With 1000’s spent on marketing everyday and experts desperately trying to catch our eye we are hypnotised almost into buying produce subconsciously. The best way we have dealt with this view in our house is both me and my partner are self-employed we don’t if we don’t want to at least work the 9 to 5. Some of our food we get from local shops, it always seems like the large cooperate giants that own the supermarkets almost want us to be in the state of mind that we are stuck in conformity. Is this the reason for branded produce at higher rates of costs? In truth a majority of foods does actually taste the same.

I’ll give you an example, we tend to shop at Morrisons after a short stint at Tescos. Our shopping bill tends to come to £120+ now we don’t really go without. So me and my partner had a chat and we went to shop at Aldi and…….with the same amount of shopping it came to £62. Ok the choice was limited but we were happy with what we got. Which begs another question why are people ‘struggling’ but still choose to shop at the higher end supermarkets?

So I go back to the feeding pens of the farms, is that what this place is. Are we being monouvered on a daily basis for the purpose of the top 1 %? As I have said before, in our house we don’t buy into all this ‘propaganda ‘. I can almost feel the feel of rolling eyes and raised eyebrows, but that’s what it is. This form of news can be used for either good or bad, to benefit or control. Negative habits can be used to control, I myself use habits of my own to keep myself in a POSITIVE mindset. And mindlessly walking up and down a supermarket aisle while not being conscious of what you are doing or your surroundings in my view is dangerous

Question everything……..this may come as a slight insight to how I think. Because I do just that……….everyday, every time.

Much love.  X


I don’t disagree with the influx of ‘immigrants’ as such we all need help, if we want to create another and better lives for ourselves who can blame us. If you want abundance for your children you would do anything wouldn’t you? The thing I actually disagree with is the practise that we are being kept in the dark I believe we are not being told the full story.

I posted here yesterday that a video I shared on FB had been removed and it did slightly trouble me as to why information like this is being discarded. Well it has appeared again, half way through the process of me putting together some verses that I had going round in my head so, rightly or wrongly I included it in my latest concoction of pictures and muses. Now whether or not I will get blown apart for this I don’t know or whether or not it will be taken down I don’t have a clue. I like to think I can’t be reprimanded for merely having opinions, opinions I like to share.

None the less here it is for you to mull over, digress on what is contained therein I do apologise if you don’t agree but as I have said they are merely opinions of mine. Some of us have the same but unfortunately some of us care not to share them through the fear of repercussions. In for a penny in for pound my mum always taught me.


Above is my latest video…….feel free to comment, subscribe and share. I thank you for watching and send love and thanks to all the people who have followed me so far.  Xx


Well it’s come round again, another a year where we pay tribute to a horrid act that took place in New York the place where dreams are made………or at least they should be.

2977 innocent, yes innocent people lost their lives simply by waking up going to work going about their day and doing what they love. There are plenty of theories out there and we all know about them and what they say, I’m not going to sit here today and bark on about them out of sheer respect for the fallen. But I will say this, I have my own theories and I have read extensively on what went on witness accounts and interviews of the American government. I used to be in the construction industry and know a good deal about buildings, purely what I have learnt from other people……….I think you know what I am trying to say.

 I went to ground zero a short time after it happened and the atmosphere and feeling you get in your soul and your heart just by standing outside the fence is almost unbearable…….it upset me. You have to hold a torch up-not to the government-but to the American people, they are resilient they are strong and most of all they have dealt with an atrocity that I can’t even begin to get my head around. When I was there we spoke in detail to a yellow cab driver and even as an American citizen he was not convinced and many of the residents were the same at least the ones we spoke to.

One of our visits was in the wax works on TIMES SQUARE now that is a good visit, until you get to the end. You are forced around a corridor (there is no other way to exit) into a vast room and placed in the middle is a statue of the fireman pushing the flag up to be placed in the ground. Placed around the room are people crying they are staying in the room to accept the misery of what happened, and the emotional upset is almost over powering. I had to get out I could feel myself welling up and I said to the friends I was with “I’m out of here I can’t stay here”. And that made me realise that’s it it’s always there it hangs in the air certainly while I was there, it’s almost like you go about your day but you are constantly looking out of the corner of your eye. 

I lost some one when I was 21 and they went in a horrific way I have come to terms slightly with it and I am ready to share what I have learnt from it, that will come soon! But what I’m trying to say is nothing will EVER prepare you for losing someone in the way that these people were lost, nothing. Look all over the Internet,books,media videos and you can make up your own mind of what you think happened…….I mean really happened. My views are private, certainly too private to be discussed here it’s not my right to plant your mind with what I think. Some people have said to me it’s time to move on enough is enough do we have to remember the fallen every year. And I think we do we really do, it shows us that we are fragile we can be hurt from any means possible and that there is always someone out there with an ulterior motive.

If there is one thing you got to do……………………..just don’t let it stop you enjoying life, holding you back from achieving your dreams.

I didn’t 

9/11 victims my thoughts are with you.         Xx

SOCIALISING , FALLEN BY THE WAYSIDE? Not unless there is a celebrity involved!

That’s it another weekend of picking up the drifters done and dusted. Last weekend was bank holiday and apart from someone being killed by a driver ‘death by dangerous driving’ all was above board. In this trade, certainly where I ply for hire, the weekend after a bank holiday is usually quiet. But not this one, well not the Saturday anyway. Friday was the quiet one, I actually thought I saw a roll of tumble weed skimming across the road past the last chance saloon. But no, last night was busy which was a suprise.

But there was a new hero in town, or at least some would think………Fabrizio Santino aka ziggy from holly oaks. He was making a personal appearance at one of the clubs in town, and there were more ladies in town clamouring to get a sneaky peak or exchange their tickets for a meet and greet they had previously bought.

Now, many customers of mine always say to me it is cheaper nowadays to have a night in what with the price of beer going up all the time. Nip down to Tesco for a cheap crate of beer get some friends round and have an all nighter, all from the comfort of your favourite armchair. And this is my point, gone is the socialising that we used to do in ‘good old days’ pubs being shut down cause they can no longer afford to stay open. Working men’s clubs being shut down as one has done so just outside the border of chaos, what was once a meeting place for the locals to catch up after dragging their butts on a 9 to 5 for 5 days has been flattened and forgotten. These were once the back bone of communities somewhere for the gossip to ensue without the guilt of getting an accusation wrong.

Dressed up, booted up, hair gelled and make up on ready to shake that frame on the dance floor seems sometimes like a distant memory. Instead we sit in, beer in hand watching TV and instead look up to the characters behind the screen and take comfort of seeing THEM partying the night away.

Should we be looking up to theses ‘celebritys’? Or should we be looking up to the midwife in the local hospital doing a 19 hour shift bringing the miracle of life into the world. If she was placed on a podium how many ticket buyers would be standing behind the velvet rope waiting in anticipation to feel the breath of someone so marvellous? I’m guessing not many, if any at all.

So on I go to mention, in the time I have been a taxi driver every bank holiday has been manic. But not last week, were people saving their money. Saving it for an event that far outclasses spending time and socialising with people in the community.

Yes they were, step in a ‘celebrity’ the aforementioned Fabrizio Santino he has the power to bring people out in their droves. Good business for me, but you have to ask yourself………..

Does it take the onset of a celebrity to keep our communities going and tear people away from settling for the 97p a can lager from the local supermarket?