Tony Blair, the Chilcot report and war crimes. These 3 things seem to be doing the rounds at the moment and they seem to be doing rather well together.
But there are some other underlying issues that seem to be going unnoticed and they are not being allowed to come along for the ride.

Tony Blair according to the Chilcot report has lied about the Iraq war, there does not seem to be any confusion over that. But why did he lie, and why did he favor backing bush over his own public, who are the very ones that voted him in.
Well to make some connections you have to start at the beginning, the very beginning and at that beginning is the great George dubya bush.
When bush Junior Took office it was bush senior that was a member of a company called the Carlisle group. And this company is reported to be the most politically connected private equity firm ever being made up almost entirely of ex government officials.

There was at the time major complaints about the bush family and its connections with this firm, and the complaints came way before 9/11. But skip a few years and we get to the time after 9/11. Now Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, it became known that Bush Senior was financially linked to the Bin Laden family.
The Sept 28, 2001 edition of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that, “George H.W. Bush, the father of President Bush, worked for the bin Laden family business in Saudi Arabia through the Carlyle Group, an international consulting firm.”

Remember the private plane loaded with the bin laden family, being the only one allowed to leave America at the time of the attacks.

Again according to the Wall Street journal The bin Laden firm invested $2 million in Carlyle Partners which raised a total of $1.3 billion overall. The fund purchased several aerospace companies among 29 deals. “So far, the family has received $1.3 million back in completed investments and should ultimately realize a 40% annualized rate of return,” a Carlyle executive told the WSJ at the time.

And as reported on website THE INTERNATIONAL COALITION:
On Sept 27, the WSJ said it confirmed that a meeting took place between bush Senior and the bin Laden family through bush Seniors Chief of Staff Jean Becker,
but only after the WSJ showed Becker a personal thank you note that Bush Sr. sent to the bin Ladens after the meeting.
But Here’s a little known fact that again is as reported on the international coalition website
On 9/11, Shafiq bin Laden was at a meeting in the office of the Carlyle Group, and stood watching TV as the WTC was destroyed under the instruction of his brother.

So, Carlyle had investments in 300 companies, and quite a few of them derive revenues from military and security contracts.
Carlyle was reported to be the countries 11th largest defense contractor at the time. In 2002, it received $677 million in government contracts, and in 2003, it was awarded contracts worth another $2.1 billion. So Suffice it to say Business had definitely improved for the firm when bush Junior took office. For example, one of its subsidiaries, Vought Aircraft, held over $1 billion in defense contracts.
Prior to 2001, the company’s future did not look promising and Right before 9/11, it had actually laid off 20% of its workforce.
But, lo and behold, business picked right back up with the air strikes on Afghanistan and the war in Iraq.

So now onto Tony Blair and his motives
From a report made by the telegraph newspaper as of 2008 Tony Blair was the highest paid public speaker in the world since leaving Downing Street with earnings that top £12 million
He tends to travel the world on speaking events and can command earnings from anything up to £157,000 for a mere 90 minute speech.

And that’s fine, anyone that has the ability to earn that kind of money is doing something right.
He has also made £2 million from his role with the bank of JP MORGAN, and also took £84,000 of tax payers money to run a private office.
Now here it comes, I did say didn’t I

Mr Blair has also become a favourite for a specific company, Yep the CARLYLE GROUP. As I said earlier
They are major investors in the military and its board as we may or may not know has had members from the bush family and its European chairman was Sir John Major
Now just before Tony Blair resigned from his post as PM it became known in certain circles that he had been offered a job at
Whether or not he accepted the position I don’t know I can’t seem to find information on that.

But,… is quite often the case with business men from all walks of life
Scratch my back and I will, with a fistful of dollars scratch yours.
Was Tony Blair promised this position whilst LYING to the public about the Iraq war and the fact that he would go on to be a favourite speaker of the afore-mentioned company which would lead him to earning a substantial amount of wealth as a result.

But as well as the crime that seems to be looming over his head as a result of the Chilcott report. It may be unknown to a few that he was also convicted by the Kuala Lumpur warcrimes commission
For crimes against peace following his lies in the run up to the illegal Iraq war.

As yet he has not been bought to justice over this, this might have something to do with the fact that he had a personal security force that amounted to £250,000 a year paid by the uk government.
But something else that goes in favor for Tony Blair
Being a member of the BILDERBERG GROUP
to which he denied back in 1998 when asked by Parliament if any members of his government had been members

A fellow member named him and he then admitted being a member stating that it is “a really useful group” that and Being a member of the committee of 300
Which has fellow members from the ROTHSCHILDS , Rockerfellas
And the Morgan’s banking family which Blair is an advisor as I have already said
David Cameron is also a member of the committee of 300 as was David Milliband at the time of the last election.

All in all the connections stink and they stink bad. Has Tony Blair been naughty? Yes a very naughty boy
Will he be held accountable?
With connections like the BILDERBURG group, the Carlyle group and the committee of 300
He will probably get a pat on the back and be given an island of his own.
For him to peacefully count his HARD EARNED GAINS
Every time a leader gets in and creates a government to bring in policies to make our nation great
There seems to be eventually an underlying current of corruption and lies for the betterment of their own sinister little world.

When will we have a government that actually cares about what we think
And when will we let the powers that be, know this is what we want
Until we do I think this will go on for generations to come
How do we get round this in the time being
Keep pointing out the lies
Crete your own little world where nothing impedes your ambition or growth
Until they finally realize they actually have no power of you at all
And until as a nation we ALL see them for what they really are

Below is the latest episode from my YouTube channel show.




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It has been said by Outspoken mp Dennis skinner that David Cameron has done more to divide this nation than any other prime minister in history. Certainly this could be seen as true on the debating of brexit and the in campaign. And with a time now, that we all should be united over the corruption of the Tories, now we have another force trying to divide our nation.

We are now at a stage when far right groups in the country are now jumping on the bandwagon if dividing the country. One group in particular stating that they denounce democratically elected Muslims as occupiers who are trying to take over our political system.
Considering the definition of occupier is and I quote
A member of a group that takes POSSESSION of a country by force. Now as seen as they were elected in I’m not sure if that actually constitutes as force…………..I might be wrong
They also stated that people should stand by for a flurry of direct operations with threats of violence and harassment. Seem strange doesn’t it that these groups seem to be aimed at a better Britain but don’t seem geared toward outing a corrupt government. Threatening politicians in their personal life which in turn creates fear and intimidation and feeling the already raging fire of racism. I say again with the use of fear, but doesn’t the government do this, Didn’t David Cameron do this over the Third World War claim the n brexit.

So what makes these groups better than an already over corrupt governments? Is it really in face making a better britain? I question these tactics.
When this group in particular is mentioned

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We glance opened mouthed and say how appalled we are at their past history and actions, that said you wouldn’t associate this group with Christians so why should be tarnish honest Muslims with this nasty group. We also hear comments from Islamic groups like this below and they are seen as terrorists…….need I comment further on that?

if you can not see this image please chack your settings
Far right groups are creating the divide as is the government, taking to the streets in threatening behaviour but this is what the government want. We are now taking our eyes of the prize and this is distracting us from what is really out there.
Tarnishing a religion with the same views as the minority in my view is wrong. This kind of behaviour should worry us and worry us a lot. The far right groups against Muslims are insinuating that we are being over run and our country is being ‘occupied’ by Muslims.

It was stated on a Facebook page of a far right group that by 2050 this country will be FULL of Muslims

Now bear in mind that as of 2011 the percentage of Muslims for the entire population stood at 4.5 %
However take London for example, In some parts of London half the population of the city are now Muslims.

But, take a look at this graphic

if you can not see this image please check your setiings
The numbers look quite high and they could to some appear worrying, But if you do the math, over the past 25 years this equates to

1,576 Muslims per week either through birth of immigration

Which is a figure that could appear to be less worrying, if you are in fact worrying. So Muslims are not exactly taking over!

Now go back to the Paris terrorist attacks and a far right group held a national conference in Sheffield where they passed a policy to ban the religion Islam within the United Kingdom and all its associated practices.
There is evidence that the KKK is practicing in the uk with news reports documenting the name Christian identity. So should we be having a conference to ban this religion as well as its associated practices. Everyone in this country has and should have to right to demonstrate. But when it starts to get less than peaceful it becomes a problem, And I’m talking about both sides.

There has been at the beginning of the year a backlash against what some Muslims see as islamaphobic stigmatism. Many have campaigned against the governments ‘prevent’ agenda which calls on communities to report suspected terrorist sympathisers. But we have the right to know if there are extremists dangerous to the society we live in.
In my view Muslims may not be doing themselves any favours by going against this, why wouldn’t you out someone of this mindset. Former equalities chief Trevor Phillips sparked outrage some time ago by stating:

Some Muslims will ALWAYS remain apart saying ‘it may be that they see the world differently to the rest of us

Quite a bold statement, but I know I see the world differently to some we all do don’t we? I don’t support or condone any extremists views of any kind no matter which group they come from. But also worries me is we are taking our eye of the prize.

These groups on both side are so pre occupied with fighting against each other we are forgetting the corrupt government and fishing out the extremists for these groups and holding them up for what they Are.
We should be trying to end terrorism in all its outlets and again the includes the governments as well. Not just members of factions like Isis.


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FULFILL YOUR PASSION not what the others say!

Sometimes you have to do what is your passion. I started this blog just to see if I could do it, to see if I could write and someone would read. To see if people were interested in what I had to say.

My TRUE passion? It’s the world around us, it’s trying to make the world better for my children. At the moment I see a lot wrong with governments, wars, and how we are being treated as a nation, and it’s wrong. But, who is going to listen to little old me?

I haven’t posted on this blog for a while, I have been busy filming, videoing and trying to build a presence on you tube and getting my views out there. There are 1000s of blogs out there and I fell victim to the norm! I don’t like corporate giants and I don’t like what they stand for. I fell into the rut of:

Try this
Review this
publicize this and get more views and followers

And it just wasn’t me, i tried to do the same with you-tube some time ago, and i stopped as i just wasn’t happy with the content it was not who i was. There are more beauty bloggers out there than you can shake a stick at, are they REALLY passionate about the next big lipstick or eye shadow or is it for free stuff and popularity marks. I realize i may get shot down for these comments but i have to start saying what i feel. There is one YOUTUBER that i watch avidly although not for a few weeks now CASEY NIESTAT. He said “if you are doing what other people are doing you are doing it wrong”. And i think that is so true, BRAINFOOD almost became my baby, but was it really who i am? I look at it now and i say NO it really wasn’t!

I am so sorry to the people that have followed me on here with the content that  have produced so far, but i HAVE to produce content that i am passionate about and that is the world around us. I am far from what society would deem ACADEMIC but i am self educated in consciousness and the world. An now is the time that i have to produce that content as that is a what i am passionate about, someone nsaid to me once produce things that make you happy even if no one sees it.

Below is an “Episode” of my youtube channel show, and i am looking to change the name of this blog and th direction it is going. I am sorry if you still expect the content to be what i was but  HAVE TO do what makes ME happy and thanks to all those so far that have read my posts and subscribed to this blog and i hope you ill stay with me.

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Responsibility……..we are teaching them young!

We have two girls, we also have two boys. But they are big enough and (as they say) stupid enough to take care of themselves. But, our two girls……..dear oh dear oh dear!

Both my partner and I are avid believers that you create your own life, your own circumstances. We teach our girls that things have a place, and then you will find them every time you want what you have put down. We tell them to put money away, homework away, and now ITS MAKE UP!!! But shoes, shoes are my biggest bug bear. I wear glasses so my vision isn’t always the best. So tripping over shoes and sending myself flying across the living room or hallway, well let’s just say it isn’t on the list of the things I want to happen during the day.

I either tell our girls to put their shoes away or I do it! And when I do it, they get placed but maybe not in a delicate way. I put them in the porch out of the way. My daughter said to me last night ” dad can you bring my trainers round and my prom shoes please” she lives with her mum as we are not together. “Yes of course I will chick”. I looked for them last night IN THE PORCH and they weren’t there, I looked elsewhere and…….couldn’t find them! By this time she is in bed, so I called her the next morning.

ifnyou can not aee this message please check uour settings
Now, another bug bear of mine ( I have a few) is mobile phones. Why is it when you call someone on a mobile phone they don’t answer? Granted they may be busy, but when you know where the person is and what they are doing aaarrrggghhhh!!!! I called my daughter on her new phone to find out what she did with her trainers 3 times and no answer! I had to leave for work at this point. I then sent a message to her with an explanation of why I won’t be dropping them off…..this is her reply…….


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my replies are in blue


Two words that are to a parent like having your heart ripped out and eyes poked at the same time……right whatever! Them two words put together can feel like having a smack in the mouth to a parent, Disney channel has a lot to answer for. Children seem to always say “well I put them [insert place of hiding here] and they are not there so someone must have moved them” it isn’t until either me or my Mrs. Go looking that we find it, albeit slightly and I mean slightly moved from where it was.

So the missing trainers to me are a mystery, if you put something down, unless someone has moved it, it should be there. With regards to shoes, rather than seeing a 13 stone 44 year old guy go flying across the room, the porch is where our shoes should be. But why do parents always get the blame? It a viscous circle, I have no doubt i did it to my mum and dad when I was younger. Out two girls though can be little divas, and something as simple as running out of juice can seem like a world wide drought!

So that’s what we are trying to teach our girls from early on, take responsibility for your actions. You create your own life from the decisions and the actions that you practice. Thankfully our girls are already thinking for themselves, and asking questions about the whys and wherefores of the world.

But as for lost trainers……..there is still work to be done!

Tony Martin brainfood

Protein, protein, protein? Is UFIT the answer?

I’m training for a marathon, I have already completed a half marathon last year. Now, whilst I am far from an expert on matters of this nature. I will sit down, research and get to the bottom of something that I want to know.

Two crates are better than one

I had the privilege of being sent some protein drinks from UFIT, one batch of strawberry and one chocolate. I have tried more protein powders than you can shake a stick at. I used to have a cupboard full of protein powder shakers. But one thing I could never cure! A small amount of the powder used to sit at the bottom after the contents had been depleted. Aargh must have the full protein, must get it inside. Build, build, build, So when I had the chance to trial these drinks, my hand was first in the air.

 Where’s all my protein gone

I have come to realize (obviously) that you need protein to repair muscles. But I thought, you didn’t really need much replacement during cardiovascular training as well I was wrong! 


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The flavors I was sent were strawberry and chocolate. I love strawberries and I love chocolate so I was in my element. However, for me at least, the chocolate seemed a bit thinner in consistency compared to the strawberry. It was still nice, really nice. But if you like your protein shakes fairly thicker, it’s strawberry.

The science…..

In each shake there is packed 22 grams of protein. According to a study by the USDA we eat on average 69 grams of protein a day. But if you exercise more than an hour five or more days a week, increase intake by 0.75 grams per pound. Now I am definitely not one of those that measures, calculates everything I put in my body. Even when I was weight lifting (a long time ago) and got fairly big, I didn’t obsess about it. SO, the UFIT shakes are a sure-fire way of at least making sure you may be getting the right amount of protein.

The amount is your choice

The first week I was drinking them I did everyday. I run 3 times a week: 13 mile on a Monday…….6mile on a Wednesday….5 mile on a Friday. But, I drank UFIT everyday, I have to be honest it was a bit much for me. However, I did actually feel a difference. I was less achy, my legs didn’t feel as tight and I did actually feel a slight pump (very slight).

The second week I opted for every other day, and for me that felt better. The effects I mentioned above were still there but it gave me a chance to rest my stomach. I drank them in the morning straight after a run, now I can’t eat after a run it does me in. So these shakes were ideal for replacing nutrients without feeling the sick heaviness of solids. And they do say eating protein in the AM tends to curb your appetite… win. I am one for testing out the psychological impacts of what might be a placebo. So I went 2 weeks without the shakes, and after having them for the short time of the previous two weeks. I have to say I did feel better for having them…..I really did, and I didn’t think I would!

How much

These are marketed as £2 a shake, but I have found them (remarkably) in ‘ICELAND FREEZER STORES’ for £1.50. All in all, I will be going back on these. As you may know I am on SLIMMING WORLD, and if you are too, these shakes are 8 syns per shake. Below is the nutritional info for both:

I say give them a go, as for the chocolate I know I said it was slightly thinner than the strawberry. But, it’s chocolate flavor……come on! I’ll still be drinking it.

Let me know if you get these, and let me know how you get on with them. Running a marathon? Let’s exchange some tips.

Luv ya xxxx

Tony Martin brainfood

My birthday… got to love vinyl!

Every birthday as you get older become more subtle. It’s not about the presents anymore, but more about family and having them around you. I have actually thought like that for quite a while now.  The weekend before my birthday I was surrounded by family. It was my nieces birthday, her 25th and her house was packed. Way back when, I was out of touch with my family for a while  this will explain why It was really good to see people that I hadn’t seen in ages, and seeing how people had changed so much.

I’m now 44 but do I feel it? Do you know what I don’t. I am still very young at heart, and silly with it sometimes as well. There is the odd occasion where you’d think to yourself, can I get away with that at my age? Can I actually say that and post that on social Media at my age? And yes you can, and why not. I took a couple of days off work and went to stay at the in-laws, and I love that. It is very rare for me to take an unscheduled day off, eyes off the prize time. But every now and again you have to do it.


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Pale pastel blue, retro look and feel

That was the perfect chance too, to enjoy the prezzie  that my Mrs got for me. A Crosley  cruiser… not some big American land automobile…..a record player. My other half always buys the best presents. More often than not she hangs on every word I say when it comes to prezzies. There is a record shop near us that I have been meaning to go in for a while. This was my chance, they have 1000s in there. It was like going back to my teenage years. You name it they probably had it.

Two albums and a single and £10 later I was a happy boy. The sound you get from vinyl is like no other. I bought and was playing……

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I could actually feel the joy rising up, it made me happy. And that is what it is all about, spending time with family on a special day. The raspiness of the needle hitting the record, the lack of bass and tin like sound coming from the speakers. I have actually missed that, that sound of just what it was like in the studio. No gimmicks placed in the tune, no second hand natural disturbance taken out. It’s got character, and that feeds through to your whole body making it vibrate and twist whilst laughing at the same time.

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I shall be buying more and rebuilding my collection that was damaged. Now to buy a cabinet that I will restore to a retro feel. Look out for that post soon 😊

Sounds good doesn’t it! It was probebrly the best birthday day for a while. I have my family to thank for that.

It would be really interesting to find out what vinyl you have. And what was your best day for a birthday? Let me in on your moment by commenting below.

Luv ya xxxx

Tony Martin brainfood

Healthy eating…..We DO have time!

When you go to the supermarket, you walk through the Star Trek type doors and what is the first thing you see? Cakes, biscuits, and crisps on offer. More often than not they are cheap really cheap. Every authority in the land is telling us to eat healthier to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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This is what I have noticed over the last week. Now in our house we are busy, I mean really busy like 80% of the time. We went down to London for a birthday party and stayed a couple of days. We went shopping, visited family, debs was working prior the road trip till 4 in the morning, I worked till about 3. So basically we didn’t have a chance to catch a breath. This weekend we have to do it all over again! I keep banging on about the fact that we go Slimming World and have lost 3 stone 7. Every now and again you sometimes go off plan, it happens! We have been eating far far better than we used to.

Since starting  Slimming World last year I have had heartburn, indigestion and bloating once! So as they say eating healthier is better for you obviously. So back to last weekend, we went off plan and we knew we would. And that’s when the trouble started! Also as it was my birthday on Tuesday we went out for a meal.

Man I feel rough, I mean really rough! I went for a run on Wednesday and I barely managed 4 miles. I had indigestion, heartburn and a general feeling that something is wrong…..I went home after 4 mile. This is what bad food can do for you, I have noticed it with these symptoms because my body isn’t used to it. I’m not fuelled by crap food, what I put in, my body uses. I felt lethargic and I didn’t want to get up, I’ll go as far to say my brain hurt too! 

So I go back to the beginning, why are shops promoting the very food that does this, as soon as you walk in the shop? Me and Deb was talking about this and I was concerned. Obesity is obviously a problem now in our society. Yes I know we have a choice to eat like it, but as I have said many times the subconscious is very powerful. The marketing, labels and the general draw of these foods can have the pulling effect.
I’m not going to lull you into my beliefs, or what I think might be going on. But, eating crap made me docile (in a sense) ‘animals’ that become docile are easy to control! So why is it that only food that is often bad for you quite often is cheap? Some of it has to do with farmers, they are getting ripped off left right and centre by some of the big chains. And that’s a shame, we all know about the big milk scandal so they have to make their money somehow. The more people that eat fresh the prices will come down, it will take years but eventually it will happen.

If you can not see this image please check your settings
This is what your plate should contain at every meal

We are given the false impression that life is just too busy and it’s easy to get takeaway or throw a ready meal in the microwave. We do have time to cook fresh we really do. We make all our own sauces and it takes minutes. To be honest it probebrly takes longer to open a jar pour it in a pan, slightly fill the jar with water making sure you get the last bit. And despite what you think, if you shop sensibly it doesn’t cost that much more to cook fresh.

We don’t own a microwave, haven’t done for a long time and we don’t intend on getting one. Freshly cooked and prepared foods fire you up. It makes you more alert, more energetic and it really does help you to think straight. You don’t feel so bloated and lethargic. Look at the panels on bad food and there are more E’s in there than an illegal rave. Your body is not designed  to function on chemicals.

We won’t be eating like that again, never, nada! Being able to cook fresh is not about it taking to long, you don’t have enough time to do it. I guarantee if you manage your tasks rather than thinking about the time you have to fit in, you will find the time.

Manage your tasks and not your time. Write out a to do list the previous night and write down cooking a meal from fresh. Dissect it, write down everything you have to do and how long you think it will take. Put veg in the pan 3mins, brown the mince 10 mins. That’s just an example…..but go for it….you won’t regret it.

Let me know how you get on. Let me know how it makes you feel.

Tony Martin brainfood

Hair products! It’s a black hole…….

The world of hair styling and hair products is a minefield. We can easily be confused and stuck for choice with the amount of different products out there. I have always toyed with my hair, and changed the style quite regularly . Over the years I have used quite a few products in one form or another. But what really is the right one? What is the best one for your type of hair? I am by far not an expert on this subject, but I can share with you what I use and what I think is the best that I have used.

Here comes the competition 

Hair gel: I have used this many times, more so when I was a lot younger. Quite possibly when I had a bit more hair too! For me now, this is not the best type of thing to put on my hair. It clogs the hair, can sometimes give the hair a greasy look and doesn’t make the style manageable through out the day due to the setting and hardness of the hair.

 Now for most of my life I have gone with the spikey hairstyle. But as I have got older I have calmed down a bit, and spend more time doing other things rather than spend time constructing a perfectly positioned hair strand hairstyle. And this brings me to…….

Matte Clay: I tend now to go for the messy/chop style hairstyle. I don’t have to ‘style’ it as such, if I run my fingers through it and it still looks less then tailored….I’m good to go. Clay (for me) is difficult to work with, it’s bitty and feels dry, making it harder to spread. The few times I have used it I have found it leaves small amounts of residue clumped behind and sitting on the end of the strands.


if you can not see this image please check your setting
This is the one i tried VO5 are in the know, a recognised brand… does what it says on the tin!
Matte paste: This was actually my first choice before the clay. I tried the clay after several weeks of using the paste, only to come to the conclusion I have done above. I have now come back to the paste, and highly recommend it. Paste seems to give the hair and the style a more natural feel and look over the clay, and certainly a great deal more than the gel. Paste infused hairstyles can be reworked to, the pot that I have is actually small enough to fit in my pocket. It can be restyled and touched up at the drop of a hat.


if you can nit see this inage please check your settings
This is the brand i use, for me this is the best one. soft consistancy making it mire managable to apply

The price you see above is probebrly the average that you will pay anywhere. It does last a while, and you will be surprised how much is in this little tin.


The how and why

Scoop a small amount on your finger for the first run through, rub between hands for about 30 seconds. You hair will appear white at first but this will dry in, get a bit more for a second application then again run through. Almost massage it into your hair then style to desired shape. I have my hair messy but running through in one direction with a few hair tips in the same way. Once the hair is set and the paste is dryed in, it will look natural and won’t have the usual shine that gel tends to give.
On many sites I have found, researching what the best hair product to use for my style was there was some good news. One piece of advice that kept coming up was that Matter paste was a good product for men slightly thinning on top. Matte paste gives definition and texture to the hair making it appear thicker than what it actually is. Win, win. It easily washes out, and leaves no residue whatsoever.


Now your turn

So that’s my view and that’s what I use. What do you use? And what style do you have? Mine tends to look like i literally just got out of bed, for me that is the idea. Is yours the same? Let me know below your choices and what you recommend, I’m keen to know.

Luv ya xxxxxx

Tony Martin brainfood

A little bit of what you fancy……CHOCOLATE!

Who loves chocolate? Oh yes, me too. Chocolate is often seen as an indulgence, and why not it’s good to indulge. I have been in a healthy eating plan for a while now. I’m training for a marathon and some things have had to fall by the way side. Chocolate is one of them, but I like chocolate so why can’t I have it?

This got me thinking, so I started to look round and this is what I found. Now, I have no doubt that some of you know this. But it is good to actually see it jotted down for something to sink in.

A 100 gram bar of dark chocolate with 70-85% cocoa contains (1):
11 grams of fiber.

67% of the RDA for Iron.

58% of the RDA for Magnesium.

89% of the RDA for Copper.

98% of the RDA for Manganese.

It also has plenty of potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium.

There are many different kinds of dark chocolate, some good and some bad. For me there is only one kind and that is Green and Blacks, I tend to go for the higher content of 85-95%.

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I can already see the eyes closing and the taste buds of many recoiling in bitterness. But you get used to it, you really do because for me after doing without chocolate for so long, I don’t like the way milk chocolate coats the roof of your mouth.

Bottom Line: Quality dark chocolate is rich in Fiber, Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese and a few other minerals.

Eating a lot of any kind of chocolate isn’t that good for you. Dark chocolate still has sugar in it, but in moderation the antioxidants will take effect. Me? I have 1 maybe 2 squares of dark chocolate a day. Again on slimming world ( for those of you that are) 1 square of the type I have is 1 syn, for others I would suggest you refer to your book or the slimming world app.

My other advice would be to go with a good quality dark chocolate too. In my opinion don’t go for the own brand type, but opt for a more recognised dark chocolate. Yes it might cost you a few more pennies, but in the long run you will benefit from it.

I could go on about how good it is at lowering blood pressure, may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, may improve brain function. But here is a link to the facts on one of the pages I have been looking at, take a peek and see what you think. With just one maybe two squares a day what’s the worst that can happen?

You may get some benefit from it, AND you get to have what might be your favourite treat EVERYDAY.

Let me know which one you choose, as there are many flavours out there as well. Ginger, chilli, you name it. Let me know how much you have too, we can all do with a few ideas.

happy indulging guys. Luv ya xxx

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