Cardigans and checked shirts anyone?

Approaching 50, what does that even entail? Checked shirts, cardigans and a spot of gardening?. For me it doesn’t, I don’t even like gardening. Yes maybe a cardy but they CAN be worn with style. When I was a 20 something I used to look at my parents and think damn I can’t even imagine being 45! But now I’m almost there I do think, it’s actually just a number. Every year that goes by gradually getting closer to the big 5 0, it is just the number of years I have been alive on this planet. It’s not me, not the real me. The real me is having clothing theme changes at the drop of a hat. The real me is they guy that tries to look stylish no matter what I wear. In my mind I’m still 18, I laugh and joke with the kids and hide behind doors to make them jump. The banter in our house between me and the wife is still the same when we met at 18.

50 years of excitement ready to blow

What am I going to do when I’m 50! Well I won’t be worrying, head in hands in despair. I am excited, there will be a celebration of some kind. Filled and surrounded with the love of family and friends. Invitations Will be sent, and they certainly won’t reflect the age that they are the purpose for. Like these from
Paperless post

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That’s what ‘lll be doing not celebrating my 50th alone, but celebrating life as a whole and the years leading to this point

Invites you can send online, there is no limit to how you can contact  people to share your celebration. Dashes of decor in Red (being my favourite colour) and gold, feminine I hear some people shout. Who cares! I’ll be shouting back. Just because I’m getting closer to 50 does that mean I have to reflect back on the past every five minutes? Hell no, I’ll be looking to the future with the onset of our own company.

Middle age success, take it now!

As the great Andrew Carnegie said: Most men don’t succeed till they are way past the age of 40.

And in my case that’s true, I think I have way more get up and go and ambition than I did years ago. I am fast becoming fitter than I was, I have done 10k runs, a half marathon and now training for a full marathon with 3 stone weight loss to boot. And I want to celebrate that fact with the people that have helped me get there. Imagine having pictures adorned around your party venue, depicting the smiles from the faces of the people captured in moments of your life. You can make that possible, and with Invitations that you can design yourself paperless post can make that possible too.

Don’t think of your self getting old, think of it as gaining more experience and access to better lessons in life. Approaching 50? You are in your prime kind sir! You are the vision of mother natures beauty madame! And with that comes a responsibility, the responsibility to not hold back. The responsibility to live your life how you want and to the max.

Take this new found responsibility and go out there and celebrate each year leading to your 50th. And when the big 5  0 comes, take it and embrace it. And share it with the people you love the most.

Your body may have a few more wrinkles this year, but your heart is as young as the love you want to share.

Are you approaching 50? Are you still young at heart? Or are you dreading it? Comment below and let us all know.

Luv ya xxx

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5 thoughts on “Approaching 50? Have the time of your life!

    1. Thank you so much. I have thought that for the last few years. My outlook on life has completely changed in the last 3 years. Comment back here with the post link when it’s published. I’d like to read it.


      1. Yeah I clicked just on the off chance it was published. Even at 50 I would love a party like that. I sooooo love that cake for your 19th. Great post 👍🏻


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