Today I had the pleasure of speaking to the guys at MYCARCHECK to find the back ground of a car. Now I know the background of my car, so what better way to test the service. We have all bought a used car, and we all try to use judgment to determine if it is a good buy. Well let me tell you, I have had some nails in the past.

I bought one car a Peugeot 206 some years ago, it was that bad when I took it back they offered me another car. The Peugeot had some illegal points to it, I feel the offering of another car was a hush gesture. Many times we may lose money on a car we once thought was a good buy, that’s where MYCARCHECK comes in. Give them the reg of the car you wish to find out about and they will give you the full background of its existence. A text message will be provided and a downloadable PDF report will be whizzed over to your inbox.

For privacy i have blacked out items. This can be printed out and taken to the seller
For privacy i have blacked out items. This can be printed out and taken to the seller, i didn’t give full details as it was my own car.



Many a dealer could take this as a mere mock-up that you have just printed out. However, the emailed report comes on headed format from a reputable company that has access to a wealth of databases. One of them databases is the DVLA, and them guys tell no lies! I can’t stress the importance of a safe and sound vehicle, I spoke to David McLashan (one of the service agents) at length with regards to the scams that people pull in a bid to get your money without giving you anything in return and the contents were eye watering. I have to admit this is the first I have heard of this particular company even though they have been around since 2005 and they have some major companies as their associates, TESCO NO LESS BEING ONE OF THEM.


So what is the catch I hear being bellowed from just about every car dealers forecourt…………..

Well there isn’t one really, prices start from £1.99, but for a mere £9.95 you can get a full bells and whistles check. In the long run this may save you thousands, even better give you sound of mind that you have a vehicle to transport your loved ones that is safe. The service agent I spoke to was delightful and polite, and it felt like he went out of his way to explain the details of the PDF. I have to say I wish I had known if there was a service like this when I was buying some of the cars that I have had in the past. Services like this are beginning to pave the way in stopping scammers duping you out of a large amount of money.

Think that £9.95 is a lot every time you want to check your car? Think again when you buy a used car and have to end up shelling out a tidy sum to put something right.

I know I’ll be using the service in the future.

Come back to this post if you do have to use them. Let me know what happened but let me know of any NAILS you have bought and what happened.


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