We all have a shop that we like, that becomes our favourite and I have to say THE RANGE has now become that store. We went to the store on Sunday to buy some Christmas decorations now, it was the first time I had ever been to the store. Oh my god, it is a store I will be going back to we did only go in there for Christmas things but the variety of household goods is astounding. Chic and classy are two words I could use, believe it or not you could design the whole interior of your home all under one roof and that has to be a bonus on all counts.

I was that excited to be in there I didn’t do what I intended to do and that was take some photos for this post. Nearly all things were of a good price, and the vastness of the layout by no means did we get to see it all so another visit is already planned. The branch we went to was in Chesterfield but there is one closer to us in Derby, which I hastened to add is the one that will be the choice in the future. A haul was obtained from the store and our tree now looks like what it should look like, and I got the best looking model of Santa. Although everyone is saying that it looks like DUMBLEDOR……(you will get to see this in a vlog in the next day or so lol).

The car park to the one in Chesterfield does leave a bit to be desired there is not a lot of space to park and everyone as normal, is fighting to get close to the door. Now I like art and prints that you can normally fine in shops like this, and there is more of this that you can shake a stick at. There is a whole corner of the interior dedicated to framed pictures and I’m sure there would be something that someone would find good enough for any coloured interior.  This is the branch in Chesterfield but I’m sure that most branches are the some more or less, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get the same sort of thing in various stores. Is it wrong for a guy to get excited about going into a store?

Please look out on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL for the vlog haul and you will see what we bought. It would be great to know what your favourite store is especially when you are buying Christmas stuff? Put your comments and your choices in the box below.

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