Now……we always buy Christmas decorations every year, the collection is always building. In my view you can never have too many fairy lights, imagine if you will the house from NATIONAL LAMPOONS CHRISTMAS VACATION. Yep…..that’s me but am I allowed, no! I am never by confirmation of my partner allowed to be left alone to put the Christmas decorations up. I went into our loft last year and found some that someone had left behind. A GREEK TAVERNER the MRS said, too many lights the MRS said, for me I was in my element. For our two young daughters to say the same, I have to admit the point was taken digested and a new approach administered this year.

This year we have opted for gold and purple, purple being her favourite colour of course. There are many shops on the high street that do a great selection, some expensive and good quality if your budget can accommodate this. The ones we have are from a chain of stores that some may never have heard of B & M.

Baubles at £8.00 good quality if you are watching the pennies at Christmas
Baubles at £8.00 good quality if you are watching the pennies at Christmas

They have a wide range of shapes and colours and if you are watching the pennies at Christmas this is a great way to budget.

Smal baubles at £3 for two
Small baubles at £3 for two

At Christmas many of us whip out the plastic and end up still paying for Christmas into the new year. With the added worry and stress of anticipation of the forthcoming bills.  With prices like this you could go as far as changing your colour scheme every year. Adding a bit of variety into the mix.

Combine colours at £3 for two
Combine colours at £3 for two

I for one was obsessed about Christmas trees, we don’t tend to have a real one in our house but it has taken a few years to find one that has a fuller spread like ours. We are yet to find a new garland for our fire surround and no doubt we will find one soon. I highly recommend the cheaper stores for decorations if they have what you want. Money saved on decorating can of course be spent on presents for the kids and family that come round. It was reminded to me this morning that THE RANGE also do a good selection of decorations if you are on a budget. We tend to stick to a budget on decorations and go crazy with everything else. Money spent on all the nibbles and treats that we get. Creating memories that last the entirety of next year whilst the decorations are placed away to gather dust until the next celebration.

It would be interesting to find out what colour scheme you guys are choosing this year.  LET ME KNOW AND COMMENT BELOW.

You never know I may well get some ideas so I don’t get into trouble anymore 😉.




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