We all know about Christmas songs and the impact they have on family gatherings at this time of year. We walk through shopping malls, hear the slight ringing of bells in a song cascading the space that surrounds us. Rolling our eyes back and declaring to the person we are with ” what! They are playing Christmas songs already”. Every now and again though one comes along that gets to us, stirs up memories of days gone by when the house was filled with family. All sat round a dinner table laughing and feeling the emotion of complete love and happiness that we are all together.

I was listening to a song last night and yes once again it got to me, now this song always does and to this day I don’t know why. Maybe I heard it as a child when mum used to put Christmas songs on in the background. Subconsciously it takes me back to that time, that time when I felt safe and loved by the person who brought me into this world. The person that taught me to be who I am, to be honest I don’t really know why it gets to me but it does. There are other songs that I like……………..


Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
The smooth voice of the good old Nat is a symbol of Christmas almost, it conjures up the picture of nan speaking to the kids sat on the floor. Telling them stories of embarrassing moments that adults went through when they were young. Alcohol flowing food being devoured, emotional spirits running high sooner or later an adult will embark on putting the traditional Noddy holder.

Merry Christmas everyone
Merry Christmas everyone
Granddad’s, dads and uncles jumping, knees in the air in a alcohol infused Christmas chant with a scream at the end “ITS CHRISTMAS”. For me as good as this particular song is, it doesn’t stir up the sentimental thoughts of Christmas. One song and one song only takes me back to days gone by. It takes me back to a time when we all used to be sat round a table, the whole family together laughing and joking you could feel the love in the air. It always wells me up and I don’t know why even to this day. Nan sitting on her sofa telling us things about the adults when they were young, things I don’t think we should have known about but funny all the same. There is a speech at the start of the song and that IS Christmas at least for me. My partner said last night ” should be like that all the time” and she is right. But it’s not and in truth, I don’t think it ever will be. But on Christmas Day, the only time when peace is the true ruler.

MY FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONG……….I’ll leave you in the capable hands of JOHNNY MATHIS……..when a child is born.

Comment and let me know what YOUR favourite Christmas song is.

Merry Christmas everyone……love to you all XxX



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