So… is upon us again! Don’t you just love it? Well not everyone, I did something this morning that was completely out of character and I slept in slightly. WHAT! Is the word I hear being thrown at my face like a brick being hurled from protesters outside westminister. My other half has returned from a rather bleak and congested M1, “oh right, had a cheeky lay in did we”. You bet ya bottom dollar I did.

That said shouldn’t we love Mondays? Shouldn’t we welcome it with open arms? It is a day we can plan, ponder and take action for the week ahead. Take shopping for example and a shopping list, that’s what we do. Every Monday we take pen to paper and write out the groceries that we need but not before we plan our meals for the entire week. It has been said to me before ” but there is no supprise then, you know what you are having”. But that’s the great thing it’s something to look forward to, you know it’s coming and trust me when it’s your favourite meal (bangers and mash just like mum used to make) you still get an element of hungry excitement. Plan the chores which we did yesterday, both my self and my very own effigy of superwoman did this yesterday. We both work full time so sometimes it can be hard to fit in the chores. Our house does not in any way resemble a house set from some over priced over indulgent house set from a home show. Our living room currently looks like a film setting of a shack in FULL METAL JACKET but we made the plans to get it sorted. I always make the joke ” it looks like someone has thrown in a greanade and shut the door”.

Plans and the management of them are in my expireience the best way to get things done. You work your way through the list, same as you would through life I guess. You plan a holiday, you plan your work schedule and most of us plan meetings which my other half has done for later today. That’s exactly what a goal is it’s a plan, a plan to obtain what you want to achieve. We all plan blog posts, and video uploads don’t we? There are many out there that call today MOTIVATION MONDAY but I think you need a plan to motivate “right I’m going to do this today, I’m going to put on some music watch a motivational video (I do this) and get going”. That’s a plan isn’t it? And a series of plans (a to do list) is managing your tasks isn’t it? Notice there I didn’t say time, this can’t be managed plan, plan, and plan some more. I too fall prey to procrastination sometimes it can be hard to stay focused 100% of the time. But you pick yourself up dust yourself down, give a two fingered salute to the world list in hand and declare ” I got my list I got my life and I’m off, off to set out what I want to do”. And at the end of the day declare to yourself, pat yourself on the back ” yeah I did it I managed Monday well I did what I set out to do, now for the rest of the week I got you by the throat”.

MANAGEMENT MONDAY is something I might just make a thing of, I will plan today and the week then next week on Monday I’ll show you what I mean (if your interested 😉) I may well even stretch that to a video. Peace and quiet permitting, dog barking, daughters arguing or some realty show blasting from the boom box sound bar we have just invested in. A day off on a Monday for me isn’t always that, my Monday quite often isn’t the day of its namesake. So I’ll this post here………broom in hand, polish in back pocket and marigolds stretched and slapped to my hands I’m on a mission. Not to the moon, but that’s where I’m sending the untidiness of our domain……yes to the moon lets just hope it doesn’t come back.


Be Amazing



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