I have taken time out from this blog recently and have not posted as much as I used to or indeed as much as I should I guess. I have had other things personally to contend with, and other media platforms that I have been concentrating on. I always feel that people who have blogs, ‘vlog’ channels or otherwise always feel forced to do something interesting that they wouldn’t normally do, just so they have something to say. I don’t! I will only blog and ‘vlog’ if what is on my mind dictates me to, that said I am now gearing towards the feeling that I want to do it everyday. But is there enough time in the day to do that? Creativity comes in many forms and just as other things can, being creative can tire you out. Is my life really that exciting that I blog and ‘vlog’ everyday?  Does it become a factor of quantity rather than quality?

Earl nightingale once stated that ‘he doesn’t manage time he manages tasks’. You create a list of things you need to do during the day and slowly but surely you work through them until they are all crossed off. Time in itself, as we know it is man made it is a way to explain away the period of the day the change of light into dark. It is something of a programme that we use to enable our body and soul to rest.


It doesn’t say to you, I’ll wait just until you have done that because that is really important you MUST get that done as soon as. I do sometimes have to force myself to get things done, as there are distractions that come along on a daily basis. THERE ARE 86,400 seconds in a day, and we should be making everyone of these count. Or should we? What is regarded as a waste of time by others may well be deemed as a lifetime achievement by the one taking part in the process. I was once told ‘ it is never a waste of time if you love what you are doing’. We are always seeing nowadays these ‘amazing’ people fitting so much into their day that some of us wish we had a life like that and go out purposefully to fit in amazing things. Things we don’t ordinarily do, even if we like them or not we do them because someone else might find it interesting to watch. Our lifetime can sometimes pass in the blink of an eye, have you heard people or even yourself say “blimey this week has gone so quick”. You look round and realise in your own opinion, you really haven’t got much done in the way of tasks. Again time isn’t going to wait for you the voice of time will speak up and rear its head sometimes “I’m on my way mate you better get yourself sorted”. We all live life to the best that we think it is and no one should be making judgments as to what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Time gone by can quite often be apparent on the visual effects of someone’s face, but each line and wrinkle is a story. Most things have a deadline and quite often these deadlines bring stress in the form of illness when they cannot always be met, and we beat ourselves up over it. And this shouldn’t be the case, I’m not saying it doesn’t happen and deadlines are not important. What I am saying is time is simply a motion that we can’t control, so why not control what we do in the time that we have. Planning is a great weapon for that, a lot can be said for pre-planning your day.

I have experimented with this, I recently started to write out a list of what I had to do the next day and every time I managed to get everything done. I have to say they were days that were completely  full, I was focused on the task in hand rather than FOCUSING on the fact that time was my enemy. Having now said that I really need to take up this practice and run with it. Don’t focus on time with regards to loved ones, quite often you will see close friends and family together doing this. When holidays ar days out are in full swing often you will hear the comment “come one we have only got a couple of hours”. The quality of what you are doing sometimes then gets blurred and you miss things out. Breathe deeply, sigh and feel blessed by the ones that you are in company with. Sometime when things are done in a relaxed pace you may well find that you get more done.


But in the race of life there isn’t no way I’m  going to come second.



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