Today ladies and gentlemen I am dejected (is that the right word). I’m afraid to say nowadays we live in a society where most people are just after a quick fix. They want to work their way around the board but they want a direct route to GO and not take anything in along the way. Unfortunately life just isn’t like that, it really isn’t. Life is a journey, and whilst that comes as a bit of a cliche, I am forced to add it’s true. There are atepping stones all through life and each one has to be stood upon, take in the environment because you may miss something that will help you along your way. If you take a big leap to the other side all preparation will be lost. One thing will always lead you to the next, shit job? Take it, low pay? Take it. As much as some of us hate the SYSTEM and the way money controls it, until there is something else in its place we have to try and make it work for us.

With low pay comes expirience, and with expirience comes the great rewards. Every now and again an opportunity does come along and you have to be alert, be mindfull of it’s presence. It seems to me that SOME of the next generation have been manipulated by technology. Many things are easy and many things are done FOR US. But when that converts into lack of effort for the want of bettering yourself, then you have to realise that it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Ambition is a mindset, it is the want to strive for better. When that ambition is removed by a short sharp fix, all hell breaks lose. Don’t give up don’t give in, desire is one of the most strongest forces you will ever come across. When victory is obtained it is that much sweeter when you obtain it yourself. Ask any athlete and they would rather win through their own determination and skill rather than it being handed in a plate when the other guy quits. Ambition builds our country, builds communities, so we have to INSTILL that in our children as they are the ones to carry on the legacy.


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