Sat here in my taxi doing a nightshift, the pull and longing for a warm bed and tea is ever increasing. But here I must stay the need for pleasure tokens is far greater. The excitement however is building because in a few hours I’ll be winging my way to London. Lunch, dinner and other nicetys are planned with the indulgence of food.

But that’s not a wrong thing right? My family has always been dotted here and there living in different places. With busy lives it’s not always easy to meet up. With that in mind the thoughts of loved ones are never far away. I am actually not just looking forward to going but I am excited. Sleeping over has not been done for a while, a chance to relax and unwind. It’s always good to be around people that help recharge your ‘batteries’. Head shaken, shoulders ruffeled and focus realigned you are once again ready to go.

If they are family and close friends the energy hits the roof, happy again that the emotions escalate to highs that were there weeks ago. A phone call away is true but seeing in the flesh is a view most welcomed. Gone are the days when we all used to sit around my nan’s table at Christmas having dinner. All fighting to pull each other’s cracker for the plastic toy or throw away gimmick inside. Gone are the days when family visit each other at least once a week. We get tied up to the ball and chain of life, dragging behind us the woes of everyday. Residing in dealing with stuff ourself rather than call a loved one for a drug free pick me up.

Spending time with loved ones is a must, it is a nececity especially if you want to remain positive.

Too old to be excited? Never in a million years, excitement replenishes the soul. Combined with love, the soul knows no limits.


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