You have to gain comfort from the fact that you have come out the other side. I still have loved ones around me and many more have come back into my life. I believe that people come into your life for a reason, almost as though they are sent to show you the way.

I have learnt to come to terms with what has happened all them years ago and accept it, not to let it get the better of me as it once did. Doing these posts has almost been therapeutic it’s made me realise how I actually think about it and how I approached it all them years ago. Details of my thoughts can quite often go UN heard or missed and I actually think that sometimes in your life you do need to off load.

Empty your mind and allow the good stuff to flow.

My mum died at the hands of my dad. whether it’s right or wrong to think in such a way……..there was a good man in there before the event.


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