Today is a day off why? Cause I want to. For me that is what it is all about, well a majority of it anyway. Sometimes you have to recharge and take stock and spend time with a loved one just to make you realise how lucky you are in this life. I am quite a positive person but I do have some bumps now and again, my partner is very positive and that keeps us both going. I remember when I became self employed SO,SO long ago now, someone told me “you now OWN YOUR TIME” and looking back all those years ago he was right. I did to a degree (other than when I have customers booked in but in a way I still decide to take them bookings) decide when I do and don’t work. What with all the atrocities going on at the moment it is nice to realise, I say again, how lucky we are.

Both me and my partner both work and we are both self employed and we have created that, it’s nice to know that you are not at somebody’s beck and call. To a degree you are and could be living someone else’s dream, making somebody else rich. But that in itself is a question we can ponder on……What is being rich? Some would argue having million’s  in the bank would deem you rich, but if you have no one to share it with because you have been working all and sundry are them people going to wait for you? Napoleon hill said, “the motivating source behind many a successful man is that of a woman” and I think he is right. I know he is right it’s usually for her or your family that you want to climb to greater heights, make a better life for all concerned in your home. Now and again you have to stand by the sidelines looking in at your life to be able to see it objectively and see if you can come up with better plans or new ideas. I feel you can’t do that if your mind is continually occupied with the matter in hand. So that’s why I have taken the day off.

As I said at the start of this post I am quite a positive person as is my partner, but I do keep myself aware of what is going on in the outside world in the hope that I can expand my awareness of what’s going on. That is another thing I do on my day off and I do have views with regards to the government and how we are treated as a nation and indeed the world. I did have a comment left on one of my videos  from somebody that she did not clearly agree with what I said. I am a single voice in the crowd of the majority and I have a right to speak in the life that I have created. I am a positive person but I do have views as well, I am not a single minded thinker and I do not think on a linear level.

I am posting another video soon with regards to these views, and how I think. With regards to my post Tragedy: what made me I will be posting the final one in the form of a video because it is more in depth and you will get to know what I am about more. Thank you for all your support so far.

If you do have a day off today, enjoy and as always…….

Be Amazing XxX



  1. This is something I always find myself contemplating about. I always think of myself as someone who will be a successful and happy individual someday but life is being so harsh on me. It’s like a domino effect of bad luck and it’s getting out of hand sometimes.
    But I’m holding on, still.


    1. Morning Rica, you just have to hold on, and try and think the best. I like to think there is nothing like bad luck and you in face create your own experiences. And bad things happen to help me be grateful when the good comes. Think of it like this EARL NIGHTINGALE once said ” success is the realisation of a worthy idea” you are successful the moment you do what you WANT TO DO no matter what that is. It doesn’t take millions in the bank, or a massive money accumulating company to deem yourself successful. Good will come honey just keep focusing on the good.


  2. Nice post. I am an optimist myself but sometimes, things hit you like a storm. Like, your having a happy day then BAM. All of a sudden something happens that makes you upset. This always happens to me but I guess I just got to keep walking forward with my chin up.


    1. That’s exactly it you have to keep going. I am the first one to admit when I am having a down day. I let my partner know and it’s an indication I need help being lifted and she does. And it works the other way round as well.


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