Seriously what is all the fuss about? It just doesn’t make sense,even stars on Twitter have come out complaining. Is it a great marketing coo maybe? It begins to make me think that we are missing the point to everything that is going on around us. It has been said that the removal of Christmas designs from the cup is a sign that Starbucks hate Jesus? “Hello, I’m over here everybody look this way I’m waving the religious card”. Religion is a great argument starter and whilst I’m sure it’s not intentional the point is there to be made. You could ask yourselves is it a ploy to in fact buy more substantial reusable travel cups with designs at a later date? Who knows but then again who cares? Surely what matters more is the nectar that is contained within, that is the purpose you went into to the power that is  Starbucks.

Many christens have come out on Twitter stating” I don’t care, it is after all a cup you throw away after 30 mins”. Or is it? Are there many amongst us that have a collection of throw away cups with designs on only then to be cast into the abyss when you move house, thus forgetting all about complaint a year before they may have started reinstating the designs. I like to look at this way the baristas have taken time out to train to make me the perfect coffee, I take gratitude in that. Am I going to pay attention to what’s on the cup? No! All over town soon you will see people with coffee stains down their chest, lifting the cup up to see the design whilst it is still full only to be met with a niagra fall like leakage of which you can’t stop once it starts. Starbucks make good coffee and you get what you pay for, would you pay the same if they just gave you a empty cup only to be met with ” well it has a design on this one sir”. No you want the coffee you want to savour the coffee, so the Coffee is now the important thing so does the design still matter? Rest assured people will still be shouting and complaining across the counter ” WHERE IS MY DESIGN I MUST HAVE MY DESIGN”

I relish the day when I am in a Starbucks when th barista leans across the counter and quietly says……..

Don’t worry sir, wake up and smell the coffee
It is goooooooooooood!!!!!!!

Be Amazing XxX


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