Today we have just booked yes booked a Christmas dinner, we are venturing out and letting someone else do all the hard work. Up and down the country people on Christmas Day will be rushing about preparing dinner the night before getting stressed over the turkey or whatever other meat you have. Worrying if you have enough food for people coming round whether or not you have left someone out.

Many people have the view that eating out on Christmas Day is just not the same, and I guess to a degree it’s not. But what it does allow you to have…….is time with the family, more time. I have come to learn that family time can be and is precious time that you only get once. Eating out at Christmas does not come cheap or does it? By the time you have bought all the things you need to buy to feed the oncoming crowd of siblings the price is just the same. Many places do in fact charge high prices so you do have to get the balance right. We usually get up in the morning have a nice breakfast to then be met with a noise worse than thunder coming down the stairs and having the onslaught of wrapping paper being torn left right and centre. A quick glance at what’s inside then onto the next one, and that’s it to a degree that’s all we get to see. The adults certainly my partner and I are so busy getting Christmas dinner ready you miss out on the facial contortions of merriment. It’s the children creating memories for them selves whilst we are creating memories about how brown the turkey is.

So………..Christmas dinner out, are you actually buying a meal at an escalated price? No I don’t think so, I really don’t. What in fact you are buying is time with the family quality time and there is no set price for that the budget could almost be regarded as limitless. No time spent slaving away in the kitchen no time spent washing up whilst the kids are engrossed in yet another run of THE SNOWMAN. Eating out,  your view is never removed from the faces of your children and the enjoyment they are having. You get to create memories together for the whole of Christmas, isn’t that what it is about?

What I shall be thinking about on Christmas Day is this…………when I’m curled up on the sofa with my other half and our two girls, bellies full smiles gleaming and presents littered about the living room. What I shall be thinking of is as the clock ticks round I will give gratitude to the fact that the time I am living in the present in comfort with my amazing family Is time saved not getting bubbles and grease half way up my arm.


Be Amazing        XxX


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