I want to share with you something I have been doing for a while now, something that helps keep me focused and in the right positive frame of mind. For the past 2 years I have kept what is known as a ‘gratitude journal’, now some may well be familiar with this tool. I write in it every day and it has become a habit-a change of a paradigm-and something that is very personal and very private but I want to share this habit in the hope that it can bring to you positivity.

I also carry with me a ‘goal card’ I carry it everyday and the significance of its mention will become clear in a moment. A goal card is exactly what it says, I have named my main goal in life and have written it out in the present tense. I say it out loud as habit twice a day and regularly look at it throughout the day.

And so, back to the attitude of gratitude……..

Every morning without fail the first thing I do is write in my journal, firstly I WRITE out my goal at the top of the page, this makes a positive connection with my subconscious mind as the strokes of the pen form the letter and imprints the thought impulse on my mind of the goal I want to achieve. Then i list (always) 10 things I am grateful for, that sets me off on the right track for the day. It makes me think what I have got rather than what I haven’t, instilling in my subconscious the feel good factor. I even sometimes express gratitude for things that I expect are coming, part of my belief system is you have to see it before it is. The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between an imagined event and a real event through visualisation (do the research). The reason I say this will become clear and the reason I am sharing this will too. Now back in May my partner and I had the thought impulse to venture on a journey with slimming world, I was gaining weight and I suddenly had the desire to do something about it, as I say WE JOINED AROUND THE START OF MAY. Up until this time I simply was not bothered, now take a look at the following photos…………


note the date


note the date, sorry for the cover some things just HAVE to remain private

Now this is just one or two dates, the list goes on but you get the idea and the point I’m trying to make. In 19 weeks or there abouts I have lost 2 stone 11 lb and I have completed a half marathon with the application for the London marathon going through with my slimming world consultant. It works guys it really does, I cannot emphasis how much this tool puts you in the right frame of mind. Practising 5 minutes of gratitude and focusing on it everyday has proven to………..

  • Increase your long term wellbeing by 10%
  • Strengthens your emotions
  • Reduces materialism
  • Reduces envy

And so the list goes on, research it for your self and see what positive effects you can find out, (let me know) try carrying a goal card with you for 30 days. Memorise it say it out aloud once in the morning and once before you go to bed and see what changes are made in your life.

Thank you and be amazing


(You may have noticed I have a link to a YouTube channel, I did try and video this topic, if I’m honest I can’t get on with it, it does not excite me at least for the time being. Words can be expressed so much better. And I have a post series coming soon that I would rather not put on video)



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