Build your puzzle of positivity.

I have over the last couple of years learnt tricks to try to stay positive, with the mindset of abundance. Vision board, visualisation, word watching, being careful of what I’m saying I try not to say “I can’t afford it” or ” there ain’t no money coming in”. Your subconscious mind controls 95% of what you do and it is continually soaking up you environment including what people say to you and indeed what you say to yourself. We all create goals but do we actually strive for them? More often than not if we ask or even pray for something and it does not happen straight away we get frustrated or give up or complain about the very thing we want and declare that it will never happen.

What I have come to realise is that no matter what happens you have to convince yourself that it is inevitable. Stress, worry,and any negativity will bring dis-ease to you. Worry ties you up in knots it pollutes your thinking and pushes out the affirmations that you have been likely working on for the last whatever amount of time it is to you. An old scaffolder  (I was in a past life) used to say to me “Tony a tidy house is a happy house” and he used to get me to finish the sentence. “What is a happy house? My reply as always “a tidy house Ray”, and so it was but back then I thought it was just an old man thing it didn’t really mean that much to me until now. The belief is that a positive emotion or thought far out weighs  the effects of a negative one. Experiences come into your life daily and they all count towards building it into the life you want, it is in truth like a puzzle.

A trick or I guess a tip I use is I get a visualisation of the goal I want and I visualise me building the picture in the form of a puzzle, but each piece is a positive experience of my life and it works towards finishing the puzzle and completing the goal. If a negative experience pops into my head, rather than try to block it I visualise a puzzle piece and it Simply does not belong to the puzzle I am building. A positive mind breeds positive results, negative experiences you have to get rid of. Why would you have something in your life that causes you discomfort? The great Bob Proctor states that he does not hang around with people that complain all the time. Now whether you agree with that or not you have to see where he is coming from don’t you? We are all here for a reason, we are all here for something whilst some of you say you don’t know what that is. I truly  believe that we pick that reason I really do, and if the reason to some is silly who cares! We are-all of us-an immaculate conception we are part of the universe and the universe is a thing of beauty, that’s what scientists keep telling us so does that make a product of this statement too.

Eventually as you build your ‘puzzle’ the picture and indeed the goal will become clear, take stock and revel in the marvel you have created and realise that you were in control of everything you needed to create the finished work of art.

Thank you

Be amazing



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