Over the next few……well I don’t actually know how long it’s going to take. I want to share with you what made me into the person I am, what made me realise that life is precious. Take every opportunity that comes along, I want to share with you what allows me to think independently and not worry about what other people are doing.

It was-or should I say is-an event that I never had any counseling for I just got on and dealt with it. I want to share it NOW for the simple reason is this:

Everyday I hear that people are struggling people are not being able to achieve what they want in their life. I can even go as far as saying people complaining about the little things when they should know that there is always someone worse of than them. That’s how I got through what I did, alright it took a while but I got there. I was going to film a video series but then I thought, would anyone watch it would they get the same kind of motivation from it. Not everyone has a YouTube account or the desire to add yet another social media site to their ever growing list. So this is going to be the outlet of my story, everything is going to be shared with you in the hope that-as Bob proctor says-“you don’t sweat the small stuff”. If it makes you, allows you to take stock of everything that has happened to you in a negative way then the purpose of me sharing what happened has served its purpose. A minute amount may (you think) will be tedious but most of it will need to be focused on to get to the end, the end that will hopefully spur you into action.

I will post the first part soon…….The title: WHAT MADE ME.

Thank you for following me so far and I look forward to making you think.

Be amazing x


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