Legend the latest outing with the Kray twins as portrayed by Tom Hardy, yet another masterclass in acting by the faultless Tom.
From the outset you are placed within the east end of London and graced with the swagger of Reggie Kray, and with your mind already infused with the facts of the krays Tom already has screen presence. Most of the time it appears that ‘Reggie’ is almost the story teller in this latest venture and his ambition to build an empire that is second to none. Some empires though cannot be built on ones own ambitions and so reggie sets out to get twin brother released from hospital, again using their ‘know how’ to acquire a less than honest doctor to ok the medical report. The  fact that Ronnie has issues with his mental capabilities is played on giving the impression he was slightly unhinged. This I think gave viewers the opinion that Reggie may well have been the brains of the outfit and despite the violence involved in their gangland activities, he was the level headed thinker the business man. At points in the story it was almost as if Reggie resented his brother in a sense that he could never think straight as he said on returning to his club after Ronnie had flittered money away and didn’t pay the taxes “your a fuckng criminal mate” followed by a free fall of punches between them. Say what you like about the Krays, although it was before my time from what I have heard about them from members of my family (I was brought up in the east end) and general chit chat of their notoriety. Was the east end back then a safer place? As far as I’m aware it was only the lowly crew that got involved with them possibly keeping our streets cleaned of rubbish.
I do feel after watching this version it felt like it was close to the facts, that may have some thing to do with Tom Hardy or it was merely researched in greater detail I don’t know. One thing I think I did see, Reggie did quite possibly want to make things more of a sound reputation albeit with a bit of a slap now and again due to the fact that he did love Francis as much as he did. However Ronnie had other things on his mind with regards to spilling blood in a more adventurous way which may have been connected to the fact he was-at least in the beginning-declared insane. Which begs the question did Reggie kill Jack the hat because he thought this was the only way he could stop and control the outcome of what Ronnie was setting out to do for ‘The firm’. Being locked up is a good way to stop any man from corruption, after all that’s what power does to some poeple. That and the fact that Francis died, the loyalty that Reggie felt he had to honour to his twin almost tied him up in doing what he had to do to save face. This I think may have been there downfall, yes I hear you say “murder” but I don’t think Reg would have killed jack had it not been for the death of Francis. A part of Reg died as well that day, and if that was the case what is the point of going on.
I have no doubt there were many more gangs of that time involved in protection rackets and some may have well slipped under the radar, I have no doubt that it still goes on today. And they go on without ever being put behind bars, and the Krays could have done the same I feel. But did Ron over step the mark maybe? I think Francis was the one thing that could have changed the course of how things went, but then again I feel going by the story of LEGEND they made it seem that Ron changed for his ultimate gains. There did seem to be two side to the same story and two paths that each were ultimately going, and I did feel genuinely sad for Reggie when Francis when she died in a sense that Reggie looked as though his life was over and he may as well escalate the crime.
It does obviously prove in some cases that blood is indeed thinker than water and family loyalty does go above and beyond.
With regards to Tom Hardy being able to play two characters almost simultaneously is an accomplishment and an Oscar nomination I think is on the cards.


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