Well it’s come round again, another a year where we pay tribute to a horrid act that took place in New York the place where dreams are made………or at least they should be.

2977 innocent, yes innocent people lost their lives simply by waking up going to work going about their day and doing what they love. There are plenty of theories out there and we all know about them and what they say, I’m not going to sit here today and bark on about them out of sheer respect for the fallen. But I will say this, I have my own theories and I have read extensively on what went on witness accounts and interviews of the American government. I used to be in the construction industry and know a good deal about buildings, purely what I have learnt from other people……….I think you know what I am trying to say.

 I went to ground zero a short time after it happened and the atmosphere and feeling you get in your soul and your heart just by standing outside the fence is almost unbearable…….it upset me. You have to hold a torch up-not to the government-but to the American people, they are resilient they are strong and most of all they have dealt with an atrocity that I can’t even begin to get my head around. When I was there we spoke in detail to a yellow cab driver and even as an American citizen he was not convinced and many of the residents were the same at least the ones we spoke to.

One of our visits was in the wax works on TIMES SQUARE now that is a good visit, until you get to the end. You are forced around a corridor (there is no other way to exit) into a vast room and placed in the middle is a statue of the fireman pushing the flag up to be placed in the ground. Placed around the room are people crying they are staying in the room to accept the misery of what happened, and the emotional upset is almost over powering. I had to get out I could feel myself welling up and I said to the friends I was with “I’m out of here I can’t stay here”. And that made me realise that’s it it’s always there it hangs in the air certainly while I was there, it’s almost like you go about your day but you are constantly looking out of the corner of your eye. 

I lost some one when I was 21 and they went in a horrific way I have come to terms slightly with it and I am ready to share what I have learnt from it, that will come soon! But what I’m trying to say is nothing will EVER prepare you for losing someone in the way that these people were lost, nothing. Look all over the Internet,books,media videos and you can make up your own mind of what you think happened…….I mean really happened. My views are private, certainly too private to be discussed here it’s not my right to plant your mind with what I think. Some people have said to me it’s time to move on enough is enough do we have to remember the fallen every year. And I think we do we really do, it shows us that we are fragile we can be hurt from any means possible and that there is always someone out there with an ulterior motive.

If there is one thing you got to do……………………..just don’t let it stop you enjoying life, holding you back from achieving your dreams.

I didn’t 

9/11 victims my thoughts are with you.         Xx


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