Im, shocked, surprised and stunned…………although I have to say I don’t know why. What is about to follow I should have expected, I mean I have come to ‘see through the smoke screen’ of what is happening around us, happening around me.
Late last night someone showed me a video of a reporter on sky news sounding off about the Syrian refugees. So I asked them to share it with me so I could put across my views on what I thought. Now in the video the reporter on the couch ( I can’t remember her name, blonde black rimmed glasses very pretty) said:

 ” I’m concerned and I think that we all should be that a short while ago Isis declared they were sending over 5000 (it may have been 500) of their soldiers hidden amongst the refugees that are coming in and that we won’t see it coming. Now my concern is that there are not enough checks in place, sure most of them are women and children but a lot of them are strapping young guys that are more than capable to fight”
Or words to that affect so, I posted the video that was originally posted by another I had no profanities placed on the post it was merely fact not fiction and just my opinion. I looked this morning at my newsfeed and it has been taken off, it has been taken off the page of my sharer and the original poster. But why?

With information like that being aired live on Sky news shouldn’t we be made aware of it more so in the mainstream? Why would Facebook, or maybe some external force instruct someone to take it down? And if that is out there then the government must have known about it and if this is the case then why let 30,000 refugees in without the strictest of checks…….to me it doesn’t make sense. It is almost becoming like we are being constantly edited, everything we say and sometimes what we do is being scrubbed out if it doesn’t meet with what they want us to think. It reminds me of a scene in ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ when Robin Williams takes the news sheets from the printer then the two twins sit there aggressively scrubbing out with a marker what shouldn’t be heard.

I tried to find a customer service number for Facebook to get some questions answered…………there isn’t one, well not that I could find anyway. So have we really got the right of freedom of speech or do we have to monitor ourselves and what we say. The news and other forms of media I believe are engineered to feed us what they want us to think. Things are kept hidden in case there is a public panic, but the panic would be far greater it you find something out that you know has been hidden………wouldn’t it?

One big question……….the newscasters concerns were aired on TV so the government must have known about it, IF they do then why is there and why have they begun an influx of refugees?


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