Sunday morning up at 7 after a night shift with a taxi full of alcohol infused boys and girls, screaming obscenities at my ear for not partaking in their style of humour.

Tickets purchased and car full of necessities we leave the house and make our way to CHATSWORTH house, which for the first time we feel the need to have a family day out at something we have not been to before. And I have to say first and foremost……….wow what a good day out. £20.50 for an adult ticket and children under 14 go free what a bargain 2 adults and two children, get me through the gate quick. Our car is directed to a field along with other entrants and as we park my other half intelligently indicates after I declare “make sure we can find the car when we come back”, ” yeah look in front, 7 trees from the pathway”. Not knowing later that if we had looked behind us………yeah you got!     FIELD SAY NO MORE

I have to say what we were met with when we actually got to the centre was something that did in fact warrant the £20 entrance fee, massive arena where all the fun was, show horses,stunt horses, and stunt parachutes. There were also many trade stands expecting us to part with our money even further, which is an expectation we gladly honoured albeit on a small scale. I have to say it was rammed people everywhere and many of them went with the flow on the terms of country fair. There was one trader that was selling leather ‘country’ boots and I have to say everyone was buying them and I mean everyone, in fact I’ve never seen so many.

Leather hats as well Australian ones to be exact, even I tried one…….no it did not suit me at all! The best thing I think I saw were some jumpers that came out of a helicopter at between 4 and 5000 ft, rather them than me. 

But I have to say being surrounded by scenery that was second to none and the things that were being put on show its a day I would recommend to anyone. But at a place like this you have to be prepared to spend money and a lot of it. Like for instance, we chose to have burgers from one of the traders £5. 50 I ask ya so for the 4 of us well you do the math. And that was it across the board I did complain for a short time, but then I thought about the time we were spending together. Money well spent maybe, memories are being created, I did actually think that it was a perfect finish to the school holidays. Money can always be earned and accumulated which I have come to accept through my beliefs and faith in my beliefs. Memories are special and they are priceless and should be treasured at any cost! no amount of money can buy them.

The day was finished by THE RED ARROWS and with the sun in the sky it was almost like they were passing through it. We watched them from the car (which took us 40 mins to find I might add) and it was a special moment and again a perfect finish who cares what it cost, our two girls enjoyed it and for me that’s all that matters. Will we go next year? Hell yeah, and next time I’ll have a pocket full of more money because memories………….






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