I love my job, I mean I really love it, and when you get to that point it doesn’t seem like hard work. I have been registered self employed (all except when I worked at news international for 3 years) since the age of 17. I have to admit it is something I highly recommend you are your own boss and you can come and go as you please. But you have to be disciplined, disciplined in a way that you have to drag your sorry butt out of bed and make the effort yourself. You have to want to do it, nobody is going to come barking orders at the bottom of your bed demanding you enter the 9 to 5 like some brash drill sergeant ” give me 10 boy before you even leave the room”.

There are down sides, you don’t get ‘paid’ when you go on holidays or when you are ill but you make allowances for that. YOU control your finances, you know where the money is and where it is going. I have customers that I have to be loyal to, as they are of me. But, after a few days off with time filled with complete leisure and QT with the family (bonus) it’s back to work.

Shoppers only and no waif and strays, they are only on a Friday and Saturday night but even then……..I love my job. It’s a service, a service I provide with confidence that I go above and beyond with and all the things I have experienced have become tools of the trade. Being at home you can get stuck in rut and it’s easy to see how so many people do and why they become almost aggressed  by the daily chore of doing so. Which points in the direction of people when they retire, many people who finish their working life can vegetate, get bored and find it hard to get a hobby or something to distract them from the enclosure of 4 brick walls. Again you have to find the motivation to keep moving forward working towards more things to do.

Will I ever retire? No idea if I’m honest, I like to think of me and my partner sitting on a beach somewhere with not a care in the world………at some point! When that point is arriving I have no idea

But my point is this………..find something, find a job that you love. If you don’t love it what is the point? Life is short and it certainly is not a rehearsal, so why waste your time doing something that makes you miserable.


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