Quite often as a driver you don’t get to see what goes on around you. Today, I am a passenger, a passenger soaking up my environment. It has always puzzled me as to why drivers in their oblivious tin boxes, more concerned with what radio station they are able to receive than the safety ahead.

People have been tailgating us most of the way back up the M1, “erm ya going to slow pal” is what I can imagine hearing from the driver behind. But am I? Am I or at least my driver really going too slow? At best and most of the time we are sticking to the speed limit. The desire to get where you are going impacts greatly on the common sense of the few. Even lorries pulling out in front of us at a moments notice. In America people have the right to bear arms which sometimes can be lethal. It’s the Same with a HGV if placed in the wrong hands it can become a lethal weapon.

We are now on the way back from where we were but, on the way to our destination there was an accident on the other side. Traffic had built up on our side as if by magic for no apparent reason you would think. However, the habit of a certain type of voyerism rears it’s head. People ‘rubber necking’ to get a good look at the carnage, that they thank their lucky stars they were not a part of.

Motor ways are great, they help bring families together, they help keep our community’s fed and watered. But they can be a dangerous place, it has always concerned me why some drivers feel the need to drive so close to the car in front. HGV’s more so, an object that weighs a lot more and can certainly do a lot more damage.

‘Keep two chevrons apart’ says the sign, but even this still keeps some drivers judgements clouded. We are at times so concerned with where we want to go we don’t see the dangers. Cars nowadays have more modcons than some upto date elaborate kitchens. Built in satnavs, Bluetooth, built in texting app on the same screen as the satnavs. The BMW x5 has the ability to watch TV on the screen that houses the satnavs. Installed with a contrast so the driver can’t see it, but still there never the less.

People hugging the middle lane, forcing other drivers to go round them from the inside lane or venturing to the outside with cars at speed wanting to tailgate you.

Courtesy should be a given on motorways, but in some cases it is lacking. Which is a great shame, we all have families to get to, we have a homely retreat that is calling.

We all just need to work together in making that journey as safe as possible. For us, and the loved ones that are waiting for us to get there in one piece.

Travel safe people, sending out love for your safe return


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