Just something new that I’m trying if i told you I was an expert to you I’d be lying There are many things that upset me many things on my mind so I try to express them as relief from the grind.
I’m here to point out the things that I see, the benefit is my mind is set free you may not listen or agree with the things that I say, but I’ll go on with my work that warrants my pay.
political views are a matter of course, but just like the government we all have our flaws.
I have had words in my head for a while and since I been reading about the psychology of the mind and positive thinking I have required a slight knack of seeing through rubbish that most people say. How do I express that, sometimes I don’t know. I don’t want to get into the whole conspiracy subject, while info wars.com is a great source of info I don’t want to be held accountable for altering people’s thoughts or being a bit controversial……not yet anyway…..lol. The reason why I started the whole BRAINFOOD thing is just to get people thinking, by no means am I a revolutionary. I just like freeing my mind of information and opinions to make room for more.
This video is something I have put together, I have loads more verses where this came from just not done anything with them but I wanted to. I once heard “if you want to sing, write a book, or anything else do it because you want to and it makes you happy” so that is what I have done.
Hopefully people will like what I have done, will do, and maybe it will make them think. Who knows? Below is the link to the video feel free to share it, comment on it. And let me know.
 WHY I DON’T VOTE (video) call it political poetry, spoken word? I don’t know I’ll let you guys decide.
 Thank you and much love to you.


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