Something came across my path this weekend, something that restored my faith in the next generation. It gave me a little view of what the world COULD look like in about 20 years. There is a charity out there called WIGS FOR KIDS and they take donations of real hair that people have cut off and as you would expect make wigs out of them for children that have lost theirs through illness in some way.

It came to my attention after my daughter who is 10 came to me and said “dad, I’m going to cut 10 inches off my hair and donate it so a child can get a wig.” Now I have done my fair share of fundraising, bike rides and runs but, wow how proud am I, she has obviously thought about this herself. Now my daughter is a dancer, she goes to dance school, they do shows she sings a tiny bit, so as you can imagine she can be a bit of a diva sometimes………..and she loves her hair. But with a true sense of compassion she came up with this decision. So with a true sense of fundraising she placed her hair in a pony tail and then proceeded to cut off 10 inches of her hair and send it to Wigs for kids.

When it gets there they sort through the ‘donations’ and separate the good from the not so good, they then blend different colours of hair in pony tails and stitch each hair in a cap ONE BY ONE………..and they never charge for this, they rely on donations of a monetary value as well. There are other people on a video that donate as well, adults and children. The adults that do this I have the greatest respect for but, whilst children are subjected to the stereotypical view that they spend time on tablets, game systems and quite often have an attitude about them, at the core of the heart there is a deep level of compassion. And I have to say considering one of them is my daughter, it warms my entire being to know that I have helped raise a child that has these values instilled in her at such a young age.

There is a page on their site asking for donations because the place where they are, the rent has doubled so they need money for bricks and mortar to build a place they can have as their own.

I’m asking this……………….WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO A CHARITY?

As for my daughter the fact that i respect is this, with all the stuff that children do and all the distractions they are met with. In a moment of her thinking she thought about someone else that has greater needs than she does, whose health may not be as good as hers.

As for me……………I’ll shall be shouting from the rooftops of how proud I am, and the fact that I may have had something to do with the values she now owns.


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