My husband literally passed away a few days ago, and he used to come with me everyday.  It’s the first time I been on a bus on my own in 30 years.

This is what a lady, a pensioner said to me today. It was heart breaking I have to say, as she continued she started to get upset. I told her she was amazing and that her journey today (adventure she called it) was the start of a new life that her husband no doubt would give his blessing.

They had a holiday booked too and they were going over Christmas as well, her family said that she should still go in his memory but she isn’t keen on that. But at least she managed to get from behind the four walls and face the world in her hour of sadness.

It has brought her two sons back together after years of not speaking, and it makes me sad…… think that sometimes this is what it takes to bring families close, mine included. We have a long way to go and much to see, but if my partner goes before I do I have no idea what I would do. It made me realise (although I already did to a degree) that we all take each other for granted sometimes and we forget to say the important things. And that’s across the board not just partners but siblings and parents to…….I should know.

That’s not always a bad thing because with many people we get caught up in the day to day things, the love, sincerity and thoughtfulness is always there. It reminds us that life is short and this is not a rehearsal. Take life, grab it with both hands and share everything you experience. We all know at times like this we have family that rally round and take care of the things that the mourners-the real mourners-can’t face, and we can take comfort in that fact.

We are all one, we are all connected in some way whether we like it or not. I’m a great believer in that, maybe why I could feel what she was feeling. I been there myself, for me it was my mum (that’s a story ill save for another day) and dad I guess (now that IS a story for another day).

Look after your spouse, siblings and whatever other word you want to use. Take them and cuddle them like there is no tomorrow. Yeah we piss each other off, we all do that from time to time. But really I mean really, tell them you love them let them know that deep deep down you are grateful for them being there.

Don’t leave it too late to tell someone you love them…………………………….

I know I did once!


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