As the title suggests, yes I have come into contact with the ‘singer’ Stevi Ritchie. His occupation is in inverted commas because…….well that’s what one would expect, using the term SINGER rather loosely.

I don’t think so, here is a guy that didn’t quite make it. But what does that even mean…….make it in a sense he isn’t plastered all over the screen that most of us fall into a hypnotic trance over.

No! He has made it because he seems genuinely happy in what he is doing.                       

Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy idea.            Earl Nightingale

A single mum looking after two kids whilst holding down a job is a success, because that is what she chooses to do.

A volunteer charity worker is a success, because they choose to help people and make their lives better.

And it’s the same with Stevi, he may not be (in some peoples eyes) a mainstream success with shit loads of money, being manipulated by the record companies with his head so far up his arse he don’t take time out to speak to people and charge £100 for a photo and a meet and greet.

But he is a success, why? Because he chooses to do what he is doing. A genuinely nice guy, that enjoys entertaining people. He was told all over X FACTOR that he couldn’t sing, we can all sing. I do everyday I’m in  the shower, who cares if I’m not as good as Micheal Buble. I’m guessing it’s the same with Stevi, who cares if he can’t sing (He actually supprised me and my mrs, as he did with a few I think. He sang phantom of the opera like a professional singer….make of that what you will) by his own admission “hurry up and get drunk I’ll sound better” but I think that’s a harshness on himself he doesn’t need to partake in.

The fact that people were up dancing and clapping, who cares what the ‘people in the know say’.

Things happen for a reason, I sincerely believe that. He is soon to get married and that wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t have met the gorgeous Chloe on X FACTOR. You can tell he is grateful for being in the present, he met everyone, took time for photos, and signings, not a penny exchanged hands. He shows interest in the people that have come to see him.

I once worked at news international as security and STEPS had come down for a photo shoot when asked by a couple of us if they would like to go out the front gate to see fans “No we ain’t here for that” came from the tall blond singer that was……Faye.

Is Stevi as big as them? No not in a stereotypical way, but I know which attitude I would rather be associated with. You always have to give before you can get, and whether you think STEVI RITCHIE can sing or not he gives.

He gives all that he can, because he has taken it on himself to give to you a good night. Does he use autotune, no! Do the research and you will find a wealth of singers that do.

STEVI RITCHIE in my view is a success, because what he does he CHOOSES to do (refer back to the words of Nightingale) a genuine guy who isn’t bothered by the naysayers. 

Perhaps just that little thing, not conforming, if nothing else we can learn from.

STEVI RITCHIE loving what he is doing.

Say some people “but he can’t sing that well”



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