British tourists-and the government doesn’t  miss things like this-were warned a month in advance about the Sousse tragedy.

An armed group linked to Ansar al sharia-inspired by hate cleric Abu Qatada-told them not go there 
The chilling threat was issued in a tweet as holidaymakers were heading for the Med.        the mirror

So with that in mind why didn’t OUR government do something to stop floods of British going over there? We all watch the news right? But nothing was really, well seriously done.

It was all over twitter for god sake. A map was then issued with terrorist hotspots warning not to go to various countries. How would anyone know this without having the intel? If you know something is dangerous then you have info as to why it is dangerous you then have the power to stop it.

If it’s on the media networks, did travel agents here also know about it? There would have been an awful amount of money lost. In the small print of terms and conditions, you can claim your money back from a holiday if there is a threat of a terrorist attack.

Wow, poor old travel agents would have lost a fortune can’t have that. There is a curtain across our eyes playing out a movie, and behind that curtain there is a party, the REAL party of what is actually going on.

How do you control people….FEAR!

As a result of the tragedy that happened what are we all talking about. Yep you got it, how many people are now concerned with the fact family tax credits are being cut?

Through fear our eyes are being taken off the real prize, Orwellian state people. David Cameron does not RUN this country, in my view he is a glorified salesman. Trying to sell you ideas, ideas that we are not taking on board. Would we be allowed to vote if it ACTUALLY changes things?  Across the pond Obamas campaign was funded by GOLDMAN AND SACHS-bankers, I’ll let you do the research-who was actually behind Cameron’s I have not researched that yet. But, what I’m trying to say is that we are being led a merry dance.  

INCOME tax was introduced by William Pitt the Younger nearly 200 years ago to finance the struggle against Napoleonic France. Subsequent wars have brought big changes in tax.     the independent

Now I have known this for ages, the interesting bit is, that’s what tax was originally for. I know we pay for services as well but, tax at the level it is. The question that is still asked in parliment “are we still at conflict?” If the answer is yes then the government is still allowed to collect tax. It is in the interest of the hierarchy to be at war.

And this is what I mean about SOUSSE, it was known but no one chose to do anything. The war against ISIS, and AL-Qaeda, really! Al-Qaeda was funded by the FBI to fight against the Russians. Osama was trained by the FBI, I maybe wrong on many facts but not from what I can see. 

The UK government tracked the 7/7 bombers in London for ages, why didn’t they do more. It goes on, there is more to it than meets the eye. Everyone is talking about privatisation of the NHS, has a great deal of the public asked for that……I haven’t.

Cameron promised not to shut down a part of a hospital in Lewisham if he got in again…….but he did. Ed Milliband, after about 4 hours I found his name on the list of members of the TRI-LATERAL COMMISION (do your research, I say this because these are merely my opinions, you form your own) and so the facade goes on.

I’ll leave it at the end of there and as abrupt as that. More opinions will follow in time.


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