Traveling down the concrete arteries that carry the steel motorised boxes to the heart of our destination, the excitement builds to the point where the speed increases to shorten the time of travel.

Groupon a voucher site that gets you massive discounts for a mass of things including holidays UK-based and abroad. We chose a week in pontins, a site I spent some time as a child with mum and dad. Now after all these years we are back, a different location maybe, but the same branding at least. Set in the valleys of Prestatyn, the view from our window is of cliffs with the beach a stones throw from where we are. Approaching the entrance we are met with a barrier and a security guard, with a gleeful approach to your arrival no doubt, hidden away behind the facade of authority but still there somewhere no doubt.

I’ll be honest what we were met with did not meet my expectations. The magic I had as a child was no longer there, thinking as an adult I guess that comes with the territory. Like material possessions after I’m gone from this earth, the magic has been passed to our two girls, or has it?

We got to the apartment and we were met with a space like a bed sit from the suburbs of the East end, my partner offering up a response to the facial contortions of not quite having my holiday dreams come true ” As long as we are together that’s all that matters”. And she is right, you look around and you get the feel of a 1950’s community (which due to the fact it was built-in 1939 , it isn’t far off the mark) people talking to each other, no barriers, no judgments, the sound of children playing outside a long forgotten thing that isn’t in earshot nowadays.

And that’s my point the magic although I THOUGHT it wasn’t  there, it is! The magic is with the family, as a family enjoying each other’s company is where the magic lays it’s in the heart. It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you are together you make it what it is. These holidays are what all this is about, it’s about family, many families work hard, most save all year for a budget holiday like this……………with regards to Groupon?

Well, groupon in my view is the star of the show with regards to many families tightening the purse strings. A cheap holiday for just having a break from the norm, an escape from the stress and daily grind (although not much of this goes on in our house anymore) but not many families have had the practise or have the intention of trying to get rid of this in their life as we have come to practice.

And what a match, a cheap voucher company pairing with a budget holiday company. Giving families the perfect opportunity to spend time together in a beautiful place such as Wales.

Love your family, love them like there is no tomorrow be grateful for the time you have and the lessons you learn from each other.

My lesson, no matter where you are even if it was a swamp. If you are with people you love, you always carry a sense of magic with you.


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