Your sub-conscious mind ‘cannot’ tell the difference between something that is real and an imagined event!

This is the subject that I have been studying for the past 3 years, I have a wealth of books on this subject. My favourite book Think and grow rich I have avidly been reading over and over (just so it sinks in) from the very start.

Visualisation  is a great tool and I use it A LOT, if you tell your sub-conscious something enough times, whether you like it or not you will start to believe it and your actions will then follow in the right direction. I repeat the same visualisation everyday, I’m up early go for a run and I have total peace and quiet when I get back before anyone else in the house gets up.

Goal cards are a good tool and I carry one with me everyday, what is on there is what I desire most in life and it’s a burning desire to achieve it, it so ingrained in my brain that I am completely convinced it will manifest its self in the future……..and it will.

A positive mental attitude is the key, there is a positive side to everything you just to have to find it. There are watch words we have in our house, words that we are mindful of that we just try not to say.

SKINT, CANT AFFORD IT, LACK OF, these are sayings and words that just don’t enter our conversations any more…….and it works.

I wake up every morning looking forward to what the day brings and with this attitude I have developed over the past few years my life has got better everyday, work load has increased, more and more customers are coming to me and I feel grateful for everything I have.

Each and every one of us ARE AMAZING we are far more capable of things than we think we are and we have to have faith that we are. I have come to learn that what you focus on you bring into your own reality and I am a firm believer that I create mine. Be positive, rid yourself of all negative thought, now this is not easy it takes practice and time.

Your thoughts make up your reality, what happens when you focus on bills and such like? They make you stressed change your mood and then it seems like you are inundated with them. We laugh at the bills In our house and they get dealt with straight away. It also helps me to deal with people better, this is still ongoing but it’s getting there. Above all else what you think on and what you want, you must have complete and total faith that its going to happen and this can be induced through repetition of thought and then we go back to the goal cards, looking and reading it again and again.

The sub-conscious mind is all-powerful we just have to convince ourselves of this, never ever let outside influences cloud your judgment on what you feel and know is different. I have an amazing sense of intuition, and I’ve developed that through mindfulness and mediation, and just being able to get rid of the mind crap, news went out of the window 2 years ago as did newspapers. I get my news from customers and my partner (although she is beginning to take up with how I am and she is a lot less stressed because of it) and if I want to verify something I’ll research it.

Every material thing on this planet started with a thought, everything! Someone somewhere imagined what you see, touch, experience and to a certain degree what you taste. If they can do it then so can we, your limitations are only what you set up yourself nothing is impossible, YOU ARE AMAZING!

All these practises though I/you have to be persistent with, it’s almost a form of self-hypnosis, hence why I read the above mentioned book a lot. Never worry about money, I have proved to my partner that it comes, and it comes from every direction. When we are temporarily  low I go out and I have a good productive working day, we will always have enough, don’t focus on the bad focus on the good, it’s surprising how good it makes you feel. My life becomes more amazing everyday, I love my job and I mean I really love it, and that too is a sense of peace because it don’t seem like hard work, it isn’t mentally draining.

I have learnt and what I study is, everything vibrates everything is energy. Everything is made up  of atoms and they vibrate at a Very fast rate, even we vibrate cause we are made up of atoms, and your thoughts control the make up of your vibration. Hence the fact you feel like crap when something upsets you, this is why I train my self to have positive thought almost all the time, you will then attract positive situations into your life.

video from a selection I watch regularly may make what I’m talking about, study and teach myself a bit clearer.

For me it works and I am beginning to realise how powerful we really are! In time the history of me and why I think this way will become clear, bad things happen to all of us.

We either let it get the better of us, or we plough through it and come out stronger than when we first started.



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