What to Watch: Film Picks for August

Same Page Team

By: Daniel Reynolds

Again and again, as the summer movie season tumbles passed us, I am reminded of the old Hollywood adage: Nobody knows anything. William Goldman said this in his book “Adventures in the Screen Trade” as proof that while making a film is hard work, guessing at how it will do financially is impossible. (I admit, I’ve used this line a lot.)

Case in point: This summer has been dominated by one film, and it wasn’t made by Marvel Studios. (Though Avengers: Age of Ultron did make over $400 million.) The film is Jurassic World, which as of this writing has made over $630 million, putting it third all-time in domestic gross behind only Titanic and Avatar. We all knew Jurassic World would make money–it stars Chris Pratt and a bunch of goddamn dinosaurs after all. But over $600 million? For real?

Nobody knows anything.

And so we…

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