Not a pretty site is it? Yet when I went on my run this morning as usual along the canal path, this is what I was met with. Well one of them anyway, a mess left from the larger variety of animal.

Why is it acceptable to see Horse poo all over our roads, paths and I have even seen it on pavements!  Yet when it comes to dog poo (and rightly so) we have to clear it up, bag it, carry it around with us until we find a bin. In the meantime our dogs are no doubt laughing to them selves in their own mind that we take part in this habit as, RECREATION!

I have yet not had the pleasure of treading in horse poo, and I would not like to. It is a great deal larger mess than our canine friends leave behind, nevertheless it is still annoying.

Animal manure contains many viruses, bacteria and parasites. Some of these are more important than others and I would identify Clostridium tetani as being the most serious of these pathogens. As the name suggests that is the bacterium that causes tetanus and it is commonly found in soil that is contaminated with manure.      Irishhealth.com

We are all aware that dog poo too carries diseases, but we clean that up don’t we? Why therefore then is it acceptable to leave horse poo behind considering you can still catch stuff from it?

Me I have no idea, what I do know is that I probably have not seen the last of this stuff on my run, and until some one runs behind the horse and picks it up in a bucket, like the good old days,we will continue to see this stuff.

Laugh about it, say ‘ahhhh’ and mutter the statement “that’s good for the roses that”



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