Today we have yet another tube strike in London, causing inconvenience to commuters and no doubt costing companies thousands of pounds in staff missing days

Drivers are unhappy with the pay, and conditions whilst working during the night, that’s fine everyone should be able to be happy at work.

But, bringing London to a position it is when the strike is on?

Many people in this country are underpaid and, they work in conditions that are sometimes deemed far worse than that of the underground drivers.

Nurses, are far underpaid, soldiers are far underpaid, carer’s are quite often underpaid. You could rightly so, argue with that, and people have with me over subjects of this nature…….”these people choose to do these jobs under these conditions”

Train drivers fall into that group as well don’t they?

A coal strike in 1974 had brought down Ted Heath’s Conservative government. Now that was a strike that had power, now whilst I have my own views of finding your own way, and making up your own mind towards how this country is run, ultimately in matters of this nature it is the general public that suffer in the end. And sure, we should all work together to create, or at least try to, a better economy or ‘livable structure’, should any one group have this much power in how we go about our lives within a day?

A group the drivers also fall into is indeed the general public but, shouldn’t you be grateful to at least have a job when there are families having to go to food banks just to feed their children for a week.

TRAINEE…….drivers can earn from around £20,000 to £30,000 a year, depending on the company and stage of training. Qualified drivers can earn from £35,000 to over £60,000 a year. Free or reduced price travel is usually offered as an extra benefit.

FULLY QUALIFIED……..nurses start on salaries of £21,692 rising to £28,180 on Band 5 of the NHS Agenda for Change Pay Rates. Salaries in London attract a high-cost area supplement. (Obviously the pay goes up as you become more experienced, but the comparison in its early stage is viable).

In a society that is fast becoming a totally 24 hr climate, with more services becoming available within this period, if you want to work in a job that provides a service then this should be provided. It is very hard nowadays to find a job you love to do. If you don’t love the job you are in or not even happy with the conditions, ultimately it’s the quality of that service that will fail, and I feel, no amount of money will change that. Certainly not on in internal view.
Whatever your thoughts are on this subject, the comparisons are there for all to see. Some people are far more worse off, and struggling to keep our heads above water. For me I hold the view that I create my own wealth, my own economy and my own reality, and it is mostly positive.This comes with practice and hard word, for others this is a struggle. I feel the drivers should be grateful for what they have, they provide a service for the public and I think the public are fast becoming ticked off with what’s going on. In time the lid to this pressure cooker will blow. I say, for your own happiness and well being if you don’t like it get out……….fast.



  1. I would have to disagree with a lot of what you’ve said here. This strike isn’t about the drivers. Yes there are drivers involved but this is mostly about attendants and ticket officers who are paid a lot less than the drivers. And yeah drivers get paid more than nurses, that’s not ok but that’s not the drivers fault. Surely this should drive nurses and other high skilled low paid progressions to take action. The last thing we want is another winter of discontent but this government need a kick up the backside.

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